Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two has confirmed that they are working on 3 unannounced remasters of previously released games. Coupled with the recent news about the various strikes on the modding community, it is very likely that they are going to finally bring the three older GTA games to the modern era.

Modern Vice City
Modern Vice City is likely to be the settings of GTA 6.

In this article, we are going to list out everything currently available about the rumored GTA Remasters.

GTA Remasters announcement

The publisher confirmed the in-development titles in an investor presentation published this week. It lists three unannounced "new iterations of previously released titles". These projects are listed alongside the upcoming next-gen version of GTA V and Kerbal Space Program, and a planned standalone version of GTA Online. On a side note, looks like GTA Online is going to continue ad-infinitum, even after GTA 6's release.

GTA protagonists
GTA Remasters protagonists would look awesome in modern graphics.

Take-Two has been displaying continued interest in creating remasters of its previous titles. Mafia: Trilogy, a collection of remasters and a remake, was released in May 2020. Furthermore, the company's CEO also stated that they are not going to create simple ports - this confirms that if the three GTA games get ported, it is going to be a remaster.

Recent rumors related to the GTA Remasters

During Take-Two’s third-quarter earnings call in February, Zelnick offered a non-committal response when asked about the potential for remastering older Grand Theft Auto games. However, he did hint that any update on the company's release schedule will come from Rockstar games. This means the remakes are going to be a Rockstar game.

Additionally, the company has been going around banning all the "GTA Vice City" mods from GTA 5. They have never done this before - the reason behind this is that they are probably creating a remake.

GTA Trilogy
It is about time that the legendary GTA Trilogy gets the remaster treatment.

If they are going to reveal one or more GTA games as part of the remaster projects, the obvious choice is GTA 3 which has its 20th anniversary this October. However, they can definitely surprise fans by announcing something that no one would see coming. The Original GTA 1 is also celebrating its 25th birthday in the same month.

GTA San Andreas
Having GTA Remasters San Andreas in GTA 5 graphics would be amazing.

Both titles are so old that only a complete remake could do it. However, the Liberty City settings have been used in multiple games, with the last time being GTA 4 in 2008. On the other hand, Vice City is barely shown. A Vice City remake would definitely be a good opening if GTA 6 release is in the same city.

GTA San Andreas is the least likely game to get a remake. However, if it does get one, exploring the casino city of Las Venturas in the modern era should be a blast.

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