It was previously thought that it had been long over for gaming console startup and rapper Deandre Cortez, also known as “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em” or simply Soulja Boy after his console was forced to be removed from his online store out of fear of legal action. However, this is not entirely the case.

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In late December 2018, Soulja Boy had to remove his considered replica consoles from Soulja Boy’s online store, as his consoles look similar to Nintendo’s consoles which at that time were already available on the market. After two weeks of silence, he admitted that he was forced to – according to his Twitter post – “boss up” and perish under the video game giant’s wishes. It sounds like a painful defeat for Soulja Boy, still, he now makes his return and is eager to release a new brand of consoles.

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The new console known as SOULJAGAME HANDHELD once again is considered as a replica, this is due to the fact that it looks unusually similar to Sony’s PS Vita. And it seems that Soulja Boy hasn’t learned his lesson yet, and he doesn’t let a lousy lawsuit stop him.

The console is packed with 480x272 resolution, the same as the classic typical PlayStation Portable which was released in 2005, however, it comes a lower cost at $99 for a limited of time. The original price is $200. So, we strongly recommend you consider doing some research before making your decision whether to buy this product or not.

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Assuming that you are not interested in his replica consoles, Soulja Boy has other product as well, such as the Soulja phone HT70, the Soulja Watch, the SoulJa earphones, and the SoulJa tablet, which are currently available (except the Soulja phone due to sold out) to purchase on his online store. How one can imagine where he gets all those ideas from?