Ghost Parade is an action-adventure being developed by Lentera Nusantara. The game follows the adventure of a young girl named Suri. Let first check out the trailer of Ghost Parade before we getting further into it.

Suri is on her way back home by taking a new shortcut through a mysterious forest. At first, she is just trying to get out of the jungle and go home. But then she meets ghosts in the forest. They convince her to save them from greedy people who are trying to destroy the forest for money. And so the journey of Suri to save the woods begin.

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The ghosts will support you along the journey

Suri can use her lantern as a melee weapon or throw rocks to attach enemies from far away. But remember this, not all threats can be solved with violence.  The game offers a lot of challenges, even for a veteran platformer player. Along the way, you will meet many ghosts who will join you and help you.

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Suri can swing her weapon to attack

There is a total of 70 ghosts in the game. 30 of them are able to join you on the journey and aid you with their special abilities. You have a team of 3 ghosts maximum at a time. Different combinations of ghosts will give you different bonuses and abilities. Most of the ghost are inspired by Indonesian legends and folktales with unique personalities and cute designs.

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Different combinations of ghosts will give you different bonuses and abilities

The studio started making the game in 2015. Imprisoned by games and movies such as Spirited Away and Pokemon, they want to create a game that can raise people's awareness about the environment and cultural conservation.

Ghost Parade will be available for PS4, Switch, PC (Steam) on October 31 this year.