Gamers are going to have a chance to chase the sun on Summer Catchers. You don’t have to worry yet, we will be still sitting on our comfortable chair in front of our computers.

This adorable indie game is now available on Steam, and you can see its trailer below:

As a product between FaceIT (developer) and Noodlecake Studio (publisher), this attractive pixel-based game allows players to embark on a journey where gamers’ character travel from an inhabitable wasteland to a livable destination.

Beginning at a tundra to the North, gamers will take their reliable wooden cart to find out all of the mysteries of the outside world. On entering different land, players will encounter a wide range of quirky creatures as well as unknown circumstances. And as the in-game summer gets hotter, can the Summer Catchers make to the destination or just simply be a victim of the lukewarm?

Summer Catchers Steam
Travel on the reliable wooden cart to find a livable area

As you progress, you will have to race across numerous kinds of territories. They vary from the mysterious forests dangerous swamps to the giant valleys, as well as cities underground. All of those environments are awaiting the Summer Catchers!

Above all, there is always only one option: keep moving forward! You will soon realize yourself rolling restlessly from a side to the other side of the screen until a mission is completed.

Summer Catchers Steam 2
You don't want to end up with this typhoon.

The game offers a set of add-ons in order to provide players with some help and improve their appearance once they pass through. For each level you go through, there will be a large number of special objects, including boosters or battering rams.

You have some friends and want to play this game together? Don’t worry. Summer Catchers has co-op feature running through local networks, now you can have the enjoyment with your buddies.

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Although we haven’t got a chance to touch the game, you can take it early at once on your PC. Highly recommended by Steam community, Summer Catchers has earned itself some awards for indie games already and several positive appreciations for its soundtracks.

Despite the traditional association between the sun and unpreferable glare on the screen, if you are into something new and different, Summer Catchers is for you. Summer Catchers is now available on Steam, you can get it at a 15% lower price, but not for long. Don’t miss it!