During the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2020 Finals last month, Ubisoft revealed their plans for the next esports seasons, including new content, a new competitive structure, and new tournaments.

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Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2020

The South Asia region is also getting more attention, especially since the last successful Rainbow 6 India series in ESL India in 2019. A new Indian operator called Kali was also introduced just a few months ago.

Now, The Esports Club, an Indian esports organization, has just revealed a new Rainbow Six League for the Indian players to help grow the esports scene of the game in India. The event is also known as R6 TEC League.

Format of the R6 TEC League

The R6 TEC League will last a total of 5 months with 5 seasons

R6 TEC League format

The event will be split into 3 tiers with different skill levels. There will be a qualifier at first to place teams into Division 3. This way new teams can climb their way into the tournament and win big prizes.

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The format of the tournament allows all teams to have a chance

Division 1 and Divison 2 will both have 8 teams each while Division 3 get 9 teams.

After Season 1, teams on the top will be promoted to the higher division while the rest will be moved to the lower Division. The bottom teams of Division 3 will have to play the qualifiers all over again next season.

The total prize pool of the R6 TEC League

The R6 TEC League features a huge amount of prize pool of Rs 6.75 lakh in total. The top 5 teams from the event will get a proportion from this prize pool based on their placements.

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The even features a huge prize pool

How to register for the R6 TEC League

If you think you have the ability to win the big prize, you can fill in the information of you and your team in the registration form to join the tournament.

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The TEC Rainbow Six Seige registration

The registration will end on March 29 so you better hurry up before it ends.