According to sources, the next installment of the Batman Arkham franchise would be revealed at The Game Awards 2019, along with Dragon Age 4 and a new RPG from Obsidian.

Cancelled Batman Game Gotham 1 Noscale
Leaked concept art of an abandoned Gotham

According to the leaks, Batman would not be the sole main character in the next game. Players would be able to step inside the shoes of a few more members of the Bat-family such as Batgirl or Robin. After four games in a row with Batman being on the front and center, it is about time that other members of the Bat-family take over the mantle. The “Batman Legacy” name partly hinted that too. The leaks also contain information about the dropped Damian batman game, as a few elements of it might make their way into Legacy.

Cancelled Batman Game Poison Ivy Noscale
Poison Ivy and Dick Grayson

After the less than stellar run of Arkham Knight, it is very likely that the Batmobile would be kept out of this new entry. The PC port of Knight was also pretty bad, with performance and optimization problems on most systems. Previously in Sept, WB Games and its studio WB Games Montreal teased about a new Batman game in the work. Based on the “Capture the Knight” video, it is very likely that a new announcement is planned, as companies usually do not tease stuff without a reason.

Cancelled Batman Game Gotham 2 Noscale
Another concept art depicts Wayne Tower in ruins

The Arkham games have been very popular, gaining fans worldwide and multiple spinoffs, along with games that use the same combat system such as Mad Max and Shadow of Mordor. Rumors should always be taken into consideration, however, after multiple months of leaks related to both new and canceled projects and the characters that might be part of them. It is probably not a surprise that an official announcement is coming soon.

Cancelled Batman Game Black Mask Noscale
Black Mask and Two Face

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