We're stepping closer and closer to the joint of two decades, this is a great time to have a look back at what we've received from the gaming industry. We've seen a lot of great games that came out this decade, but unlike the ones from famous developers, indie games often give players tons of unexpected surprises.

It's very reasonable, since the famous ones often make a lot of marketing efforts with their products, while indie games just suddenly jump out of nowhere. But this doesn't mean those titles are not good. Instead, the indie developers have to spend more time on the quality of their games rather than trumpeting it.

And today, Gurugamer invites you to have a journey back in time to explore the 10 greatest indie games that launch in the 2010s decade (non-ranked). We highly recommend trying these games if you haven't, and keep an eye on them since they're very likely to become free on Epic Games Store weekly free shelf.

Let's get right into the first one:

1. Limbo

Release date: 2010

Supported platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mobile

Starting this list with one of the best indie horror game ever - Limbo is a brand new take on the horror genre with its unique concept and gameplay. It tells the story of an unnamed boy lost in the dark boundary of hell and the mundane world, searching for her lost sister. The story seems to be quite ordinary until you explore it through the shadow-esque adventure of him.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 1
The silhouette vibes make Limbo very special in the industry

While triple-A horror games often take the realistic approach, Limbo makes the eerie atmosphere looks hauntingly unreal. In this game, you'll take control of the boy, solving many kinds of adventuring puzzles and stay alive from the threat of spooky creatures. It follows the concept of trial-and-death, which means it's very hard and you'll have to die numerous times before getting through certain cases. In return, the puzzles are incredibly interesting, which makes the game a huge success.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 2
You will become the food of this spider for a while before finding a way to escape

That's why the developer Playdead has to port this game to almost every platform!

2. Bastion

Release date: 2011

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS

Bastion is the brainchild of the developer Supergiant Studios that comes out in 2011. Its vibrant graphics and exciting isometric RPG gameplay didn't need much time to receive positive regards from the community. To be more specific, you'll take control of Kid - a young adventurer fighting his way to Bastion - a place where people come to avoid the Calamity.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 3
Follow Kids to reach the safe land of Bastion

It has everything that a great RPG should have: a wide range of biomes, wide upgradable skillsets and character's stats, as well as different kinds of attacks via two distinctive weapons. Together with its rich story, Bastion is a must-try if you are a die-hard fan of RPG.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 4
Bastion looks much more beautiful than a 2011-launched title should

3. Journey

Release date: 2012

Supported platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, iOS

I'm sure that Gurugamer has delivered no less than three articles about Journey, with the latest one is the launch of the game for iOS. Journey is the masterpiece of non-verbal adventure that has made the name of Thatgamecompany. It first launched for PS3 by Sony Interactive, but then recently launched for PC, PS4, and iOS thanks to the high demand of gamers.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 6
Journey has recently launched for mobile devices

In this game, you'll cloaked figure wandering in an endless desert to get to the mountain that he/she saw in the beginning. It's very hard to tell you how great and emotional Journey is without spoiling a little bit about its story, but you can expect aesthetic visuals, harmonizing soundtracks, satisfying flying experience, and the soothing atmosphere without any verbal intercourse.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 5
Fly freely on the visually stunning sky of a vast desert

A great game for both relaxing and adventuring, I must say.

4. Outlast

Release date: 2013

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Horror is one of the favorite choices of many indie developers since they can freely show off their creative minds with story-making. However, to be able to do a phenomenal job with both the narrative and gameplay like Outlast is very special. It's the brainchild of the developer Red Barrels, which has caused a giant wave of first-person horror games.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 7
The first installment of Outlast is a true blast!

Outlast puts you into the shoes of a journalist namely Miles Upshur, heading to an abandoned psychiatric hospital to investigate the patients' takeover here. It stands out not only for its hauntingly eerie story but also for the way it lets players unveil this story. The overall atmosphere in this hospital is almost always dark, and the only way you can find some light and clues on the events here is through your battery-limited camera.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 8
Seeing all the creepiness in this hospital through the lens of your camera

Outlast has shipped over 4 million copies, which heavily inspired the developer to release its sequel Outlast 2 in 2017.

5. This War of Mine

Release date: 2014

Supported platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Games that choose the concept of war often focus on the fierce and cruelty of battles between soldiers, but This War of Mine is different. Specifically, it has chosen to portray how the ordinary inhabitants are suffering from the negative impacts of wars. Everyone has a battle of their own, but not always the same among people.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 9
Explore the suffering of ordinary people in the times of wars

In detail, This War of Mine is a survival game that takes the settings of Poland during wars, in which you'll have to take a keen eye on the group of civilians. Suffering from the wars, the group has to use every tool and resource they have to stay alive. And all of them have no experience with military acts, so they're very fragile toward the chaotic situations, so you'll have to intervene in their life a lot to keep their situation in check until the wars stop.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 10
Be sure that nobody will die of starving

The gameplay features of This War of Mine is very unique at that time, but the thing bringing this game to the current spot is its humane message of human rights in war times.

6. Undertale

Release date: 2015

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Even until now, Undertale is still the model that many indie games were taken into comparison with, especially when it comes to soundtracks. But don't underestimate its gameplay, since it has brought a lot of new features to the retro RPG genre that has long been under the shadow of Zelda.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 11
Undertale was very famous for its atmospheric soundtracks

Undertale tells the story of a little child somehow fallen down to the Underground. That's where her tale occurs, as she'll have to live her extraordinary life with the strangest fantasy creatures in video games. Beating them is not the only choice, as you can also date with the skeletons if you like. The game allows you to do everything you want with your life while exploring the content-rich land.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 12
Dating a skeleton is not a bad idea, right!

7. Firewatch

Release date: 2016

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The deepest wound can be healed with dialogues and times, maybe a lot of times - that's what the developer Campo Santo wants to transfer through their narrative adventure game Firewatch. At its initial launch for PC in 2016, the game became incredibly famous due to its stunningly beautiful visuals of an untouched landscape and deep conversation lines.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 13
Enjoy the untouched beauty of nature will calm down your hurt soul

To be more specific, you'll take control of a new fire lookout namely Henry in a vast forest, who hides a lot of sorrow of his past events. He has chosen this job to get a free space for himself to forget about those events, and luckily, his supervisor - Delilah is more than a good boss. Trading words through daily conversations, the two gradually heals their long-lasting agony while exploring the secret events happening inside the forest.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 14
Firewatch is unexpectedly very relaxing to play

8. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Release date: 2017

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Ninja Theory is no longer an indie developer now after Microsoft's takeover, but little know that the game that brought Ninja Theory to Microsoft's interest is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. It's an action-adventure game with a dark fantasy concept that will bring you to the sentimental journey of Senua to retrieve the soul of her lover - Hela.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 15
Follow Senua to the land of Death to get her lover's soul back

The outstanding element that makes Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice successful is that it has many things that an indie game shouldn't have. They include the perfect blend of hack-n-slash, puzzle-solving and horror features, live-action cutscenes and satisfying visuals.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 16
The hack-n-slash action in this game is very satisfying

9. Dead Cells

Release date: 2018

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

It's safe to say that Dead Cells is one the of best indie games that have brought the 'roguelike' genre to a brand new height. The developer Motion Twins has done a great job combining the satisfying responsive actions of roguelike games with the unpredictable exploration of Metroidvanias, together creating the one and only Dead Cells that is still a legend now and beyond.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 18
Dead Cells marked the birth of 'Roguevania'

In Dead Cells, you'll take control of a bunch of cells that have taken control of a dead corpse in a dungeon to find a way out. On your way, you'll have to fight many kinds of creatures and gathers a range of weapons and upgrades to increase your stats, just to lose all of them if you die. The permadeath mechanics will force you to start from scratch again and again, and you won't be able to get through the game soon.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 17
No journey will be the same in Dead Cells

10. Untitled Goose Game

Release date: 2019

Supported platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Among the world full of violence, Untitled Goose Game allows you to become the most wicked and bad-tempered being on Earth without causing any loss. Stepping on to the beak of a goose, your task is to annoy the villagers while honking at their face satirically after making their life looking miserable.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 19
No one asks for a goose game, but here it is, and it's incredibly fun!

The game immediately soared in popularity thanks to its unique concept. Everyone loves pranking their neighbors, but no one would pull their anger out on a goose, right! So, you can freely do the most annoying thing you can with the villagers such as dropping their foods on the paddle, stealing their keys and make them chase you in vain!

Top 10 Best Indie Games Of The 2010s Decade 20
Making their lives miserable by pulling off the silliest tricks!