Minecraft is a big game with tons of dangerous mobs roaming around in the world. However, once you have gotten the proper gear, these mobs are not much of a challenge anymore. Bosses, on the other hand, are pretty lacking - Minecraft has only two of them, which has already been solved by players a long time ago. This is why adding bosses from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft can be a good idea.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 4 bosses in Minecraft Dungeons that should be added to Minecraft.

1. Giant Cave Spider

Minecraft has always had a creepy/horror vibe about its mobs, and the Giant Cave Spider can definitely push that to eleven. It is a boss mob that appears as a boss in Cacti Canyon in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. Appearance wise, the Giant Cave Spider resembles a normal Minecraft cave spider but with a gigantic size that looks really disgusting.

Maxresdefault 4
Having a giant spider boss in Minecraft would make the game more exciting.

Spiders have always been part of video games, as most humans have an innate fear of them. The Giant Cave Spider is fairly simple ability wise - it can only shoot webs and charge at players.

2. Redstone/Obsidian Monstrosity

Golems are one of the few monsters that players can construct in Minecraft. Giant hostile golems are always in fashion, and Minecraft dungeon has done a good job adding them. These aforementioned monstrosities are two variants of golems made from redstone and obsidian, whose towers over players like a moving mountain.

Obsidian Monstrosity
Obsidian Monstrosity is one of the best bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.

Ability wise, these golems are actually pretty complicated. They can split ranged attacks, slam the ground, or summon hostile mobs/bombs to attack the player. The usual Minecraft strategy of close range attack spam would be useless against this boss.

3. Ancient Guardian

The final level of the Guardian, the Ancient Guardian, would be one of the best bosses from Minecraft Dungeons to add to Minecraft. Currently, the game has no boss underwater, and fighting underwater makes shooting useless. An underwater boss fight with trident would be really cool.

Ancient Guardian
Fighting the Ancient Guardian underwater in normal Minecraft would be exciting.

Ability wise, the Ancient Guardian can shoot lasers, stab players with spikes... while summoning mines and lesser mobs to distract the players. It would be one of the hardest fights in Minecraft if added.

4. The Nameless One

The king of Minecraft's necromancers, The Nameless One, is a hostile mob and a boss variant of the necromancer. It wields a staff that allows it to summon the skeleton vanguard and spawns in a desert temple.

The Nameless One
The Nameless One is one of the most creative bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.

Overall, summoners like necromancers are something Minecraft is lacking currently. Adding the necromancer mobs alongside the boss would definitely be a big boost to the game's difficulty. Players are already having problems dealing with Evoker... and a more powerful summoner would be a nightmare to deal with.

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