The 4.3 update of PUBG PC is currently still in the works, therefore, there is barely any information available about it. However, due to the efforts of data miners, a lot of game assets for the new update were discovered in the game files.

Based on the info revealed by the video leak below, the 4.3 updates of PUBG PC will add a new shotgun called DP-12, a new version of the Energy Drink called the “Mega Energy Drink”, and lastly, a Bluezone Uplink. What is so special about the “Bluezone Uplink”? Well, the item would give easy safe zone access for any player who acquired it – this could lead to a lot of balance problem.

The miners found this in the data-mined files with just a single description “set current location to be inside the next safe zone”. This means as long as you are in the current safe zone and activate it, you would be in the next safe zone.

The device would change how the Blue Zone works, forever

This would be potentially very dangerous, as people would definitely find new and creative ways to abuse this item. It can be pretty easy to just get a boat, go to an island then activate the device to pull the zone to the middle of the sea. The rest would get screwed, as they probably would not be able to find the vehicles to get there. Worse, they might even be able to activate it inside the blue zone.

"DBS" probably stands for Double Barreled Shotgun

The new DP-12 is a pump shotgun, with the ability to shot 2 times every pump.

The Mega Energy Drink would heal you for a whopping amount of 100 HP over time. This effect is not as good as the usual energy drink, as most of the healing would be wasted anyway.

The Mega Energy Drink can heal you to full after a period of time

The previous update of PUBG, the 4.2 updates, was just as large, with a whole new weather system for Erangel, vehicles improvements, QoL enhancements, and balance tweaks.

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