Valorant has been doing pretty well since its official launch in June, with a steadily rising player count, a decent audience on Twitch, and generally positive reviews on gaming sites. It has taken the best aspects of Overwatch and CS:GO and blend them together to create a unique game.

But the release version is not without its faults. Yesterday, Riot has just released a big update for the game in order to clear out some of the bugs – and in this article, we would list out the most notable changes in Valorant Patch Notes 1.02.

valorant 1.02 update
Valorant 1.02 Update: The most notable features that were added into the game in this patch

1 – Agent Updates

Viper got the most buffs in this patch. Reyna, Cypher and Jett also received a few small tweaks.


  • Toxic Screen now damages through walls and can be placed on all valid locations.
  • Enemies hit by Snake Bite would be hit with a debuff named Fragile, which increases their damage taken.
  • Poison Orb’s cooldown increases from 5 to 6
Valorant Patch Notes 1.02
Valorant Patch Notes 1.02: Viper get the most buff out of all characters because she was pretty clunky to use


  • Soul Orbs now properly spawned when Reyna kill Phoenix with Run It Back active.


  • Blade Storm now properly refreshes when used to kill Phoenix with Run It Back active.


  • Spy Cam now can’t be used to block Spike defusal.
  • Cyber Cage can’t be placed on a Trapwire
  • Spy Cam can’t go through Teleporter on Bind

Smoke Tuning

  • Decreased nearsighted intensity.
  • Decreased blind “falloff” value.
  • Adjusted tuning around screen effects when exiting and entering smokes.

2 – Weapon updates

Running with right click (Bucky) is more inaccurate now.

  • Run Accuracy: 3.5 >>> 6.4
  • Walk accuracy: 6.4 >>> 4.4
  • Crouch-walking accuracy: 3.45 >>> 4.1

3 – Competitive mode

Introduced during the first closed beta, the ranked competitive mode sadly did not make the cut during the official launch of the game… until now. The developer delayed it to spend more time working on stability, along with giving new players the hang of the game first.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.02
Valorant Patch Notes 1.02: The last rank is named Radiant now instead of Valorant to avoid getting mistaken for the name of the game

With the launch of the patch, ranked competitive mode is now available. Some changes have been made since the closed beta version such as icons for ranks and a different name for the highest tier. Besides that, the Competitive mode would have a segregated team matchmaking system for people who are partying up with friends.

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4 – Map updates

Various locations across several maps have been changed to give players a more straightforward option in securing/clearing angles.


  • Cover in A Lobby restructured to open up space which allows for additional sightlines and traversal options
  • Entrance to C Long on Attacker Side
  • Garage Doors
  • The Entrance to A Sewer and the bottom of A Sewer
  • A Link
  • C Link
valorant patch 1.02
Valorant Patch 1.02: Map changes in Haven


  • Garden entrance
  • Attacker side of A Main (Including a self-boost to gain an additional angle to peek A Main as an attacker)
  • Defender spawn entrance
Valorant Patch 1.02
Valorant Patch 1.02: Map changes in Ascend


  • Defender Spawn
Valorant Patch 1.02
Valorant Patch 1.02: Map changes in Split


  • B Teleporter Exit and B Window entrance
  • A Bath entrance
Valorant Patch 1.02
Valorant Patch 1.02: Map changes in Bind

NavMesh (Playable Terrain) and Collision also have some improvements.

5 – Battlepass changes

  • Hovering Battlepass in the nav shows a sneak peek of the next pass rewards. Clicking them goes to a new Battlepass section.
  • Added a small progress bar below the text that shows progress for the current pass level
  • Added Battlepass text button in the nav to make it easier to find.
Valorant patch notes 1.02
Valorant patch notes 1.02: Valorant's Battle pass is now easier to view

6 – QoL improvements

  • An option for early surrender has been added in this patch. Players who don’t want to play the match to its completion could choose to surrender and quit. This is not a surprise at all, with the game made by Riot – the surrender button is also a feature in League of Legend.
  • To activate the feature, you can type: “/ff” “forfeit” “concede” or “surrender”. For the vote to pass, all players on the surrendering team have to vote Yes. You can choose either Yes or No using the F5 and F6 keys.
Valorant 1.02 Update
Valorant 1.02 Update: Players can now choose to give up on a losing match
  • Votes can only be called twice and cannot happen before the eighth round is reached. One the vote is created, the option to vote would begin in the next round – unless you call it in early enough in the buy phase so that it could be activated immediately.
  • The winners would get round win credit for every round their team needed to reach 13. The losers would get round loss credit the same way.
  • You can now permanently mute texts from enemies. This is one of the most demanded features - a lot of people have been asking for this to reduce trash talk.

7 – Update to Tagging

Valorant has a special effect called Tagging, which slows players down when hit by enemy fire. Update 1.02 has cut down this effect slightly.

Valorant 1.02 Update
Valorant 1.02 Update: tagging is one of the most irritating effect in game
  • Increased the time it takes to reach the desired slow amount when tagged by 100%
  • Tagging Movement Speed Reduction (Wall Penetration) 35% >> 25%
  • Tagging Movement Speed Reduction (Standard) 80% >> 70%

8 – Mode updates in Valorant Patch Notes 1.02

Spike Rush

  • Tracer Orb added.
  • Speed Boost changed to Combat Stim, which increases the speed of every action you perform.
  • Plague Orb now shares a pool with Paranoia Orb and Deception Orb. Only one of these will be chosen per game and only one Orb can spawn per round.

Practice Mode

  • Jett: Killing practice bots now properly refreshes Blade Storm.
  • Reyna: Killing practice bots now properly spawn Soul Orbs.

Along with all the above changes, Valorant 1.02 Update also implemented various performance adjustments, UI and HUD improvements, bug fixes, and more.

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