From game studio Kumiho Soft and publisher Igrasil Studio we have the upcoming title of War of Ashird- a strategy fantasy RPG title. Currently, it is still in the works for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS, according to the studio.

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Enjoy your time with all the beautiful girls in your army.

Here we have some more details on the title:

It is a new role-playing fantasy title with the setting of Ashied - a magical land. In this land, three factions battle each other to get the final prize.

In this title, you will get to explore a truly unique world filled with intrigue, romance, battles, quests, and of course, betrayal.

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You should go on battles and sieges to gain money and fame to climb up the power rank.

You will start off as Deegan, who is a newbie soldier who, from his very humble beginning, will later on become of the most crucial figure in the power struggle in this land. The game also offers you a mix combat system with various tactics for sieges and skirmishes. Your targets are to capture the fortress of your enemy, thus expanding your borders.

Select your own generals from a selection of beautiful warriors. Then you will also have to manage your kingdom with its own maids, home, and land. Always remember to level up your characters as well as develop them using the extraordinary talent tree of each character.

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From your lowly begin, climb to the top with your own effort.

Then, head out to unlock the "Teo" secret to obtain the ultimate power. Live to the fullest with all those unforgettable romances and moments with your girls in your mighty army. By the way, each heroine you choose will also lead to multiple endings; all depend on your decisions during the game.

War Of Ashird
Your decisions throughout the game will decide which endings you'll get

The features of New Game + will also give you a brand new adventure to discover apart from the main game.

We don't know when War of Ashird will come out yet, but we know that it will come to PC, Switch, and PS4.