The Caves and Cliffs update of Minecraft has been introduced with a bunch of new blocks and materials. One of them is copper. Unlike other valuable metals in the game, copper is not too challenging to search for and it’s also easy to mine. The versatile component can be smelted and used for various blocks, tools, and items.

Let’s see where to find Minecraft copper and what its uses actually are.

Minecraft Copper
Minecraft copper is a newly added versatile block.

Where to find Copper in Minecraft

Copper, like other Minecraft metals, can be mined underground. You can obtain it by mining Copper Ore blocks.

Copper Veins

Blocks of Copper Ore also spawn in veins like lron Ore. Their spawn location can be any underground biome regardless of your seed in Minecraft.

Players can mostly find copper at Y-Level 47-48. However, as it is also quite frequently found at almost any depth below sea level (Y-Level 64), you won’t have as much hassle as when finding Diamonds.

Copper Vein
Where to find Minecraft copper? Copper veins or Deepslate will be the places.


Another option to find Minecraft copper, Deepslate at the bottom of the world is also worth considering. Although this appears to be rarer and the block would turn into Deepslate Copper Ore, it can still be mined the same way as a normal Copper Ore block.

Once players have found a Copper Ore vein, they can use a Pickaxe of Stone or higher to mine the material. A Fortune enchanted Pickaxe is also recommended to use as it can increase the number of Raw Copper you gain from each block.

To put the Copper into real use, you need to craft it into Copper Ingots.

How to get Copper Ingots in Minecraft

You will only get Raw Copper after mining Copper Ore. Therefore, you have to smelt it in order to get Copper Ingots. The process includes simple steps that most Minecraft-ers are already familiar with:

  • Put the Raw Copper into a furnace.
  • Add some wood or fuel.

Now, just wait until the Copper Ingots are ready. You can also get the ore in the form of itself using Silk Touch.

Meanwhile, if the player wants to skip making a furnace, they can harvest some copper ingots from a zombie mob called Drowned. Usually spawning in rivers and oceans, it drops copper ingots after being killed.

Classic Copper Ingot
Classic Copper Ingot

How to use Minecraft Copper Ingots

When we have had our Copper Ingots, crafting time begins now. You can use the blocks to craft these items.

  • Copper block: Make a smooth, solid copper block with 9 Copper Ingots.
  • Lightning Rod: Put 3 Copper Ingots on top of one another and you will succeed in making a Lightning Rod.
  • Spyglass: Atop 2 Copper Ingots, put one Amethyst Shard to get the Spyglass.
Copper Ingots can be used to craft Spyglass as well as other useful items.

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