The recent leak of GTA 6 has shaken the entire video game industry - it is one of the biggest video game leaks ever. This has caused a lot of excitement amongst fans, who have been losing hope for a GTA V sequel.

However, the hacker has also stolen some source code for GTA V and 6. This is fairly dangerous, as source codes can be used to manipulate the game, which would cause rampant cheating down the line. As Rockstar was planning on releasing a new version of GTA Online, they might even have to rewrite the entire thing from the start. This might significantly delay GTA 6.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to compile everything available so far about the hacking situation and answer the question of whether or not GTA 6 would be delayed.

Gta 6 Protagonist
Rockstar has wasted no time to announce their official statement

Rockstar's official statement about the leak

Overall, looks like there is nothing to worry about. According to Rockstar, despite the recent leaks, GTA 6 is still maintaining its current schedule.

Apparently, the leaks will have no "long-term effects" on their ongoing projects. Rockstar is certainly disappointed about how the info was shared with fans and they were going to reveal the game themselves in the near future.

While the game won't be delayed by the leak, there is always a possibility that it could be delayed for other reasons. Sometimes developers require more time if they are to produce a better game.

The previous GTA 6 leak claimed the game has been in development since 2014 and was originally codenamed 'Project Americas'. These files, which have the word "Americas" in their names and some of which show a version running on a PlayStation 4 dev kit, may well be several years old.

What is the estimated release date for GTA 6?

At the moment, the most reliable idea of GTA VI’s release date we have is from Chris Klippel, a popular GTA leaker. Back in March, Klippel claimed that GTA 6 won’t release before the last months of 2024. This was later backed by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier in a separate Twitter thread, who expects a release date of late 2024 or early 2025.

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Everything looks fairly unpolished, which means this is a very early build.

As most GTA games were released in the fall season of the year, it is expected that GTA 6 would come out during the last months of 2024.

Notable new features in the GTA 6 leaks


  • The Dialogue system from RDR2 is making it's GTA debut. Prompts such as Greet, Threaten, Rob were seen in the diner robbery.
  • It seems that the players and NPCs can hold their guns sideways. In some clips Jason was holding his rifle sideways and turning it in the air. The black man that shoots at Jason in the parking lot is also holding his pistol sideways.
  • The player will be able to carry guns on their backs. I wonder if this means we only get 2 rifles and 2 pistols per person like RDR2?
  • The player can now tie people up as Lucia puts zipties on the hostage in the diner.
  • Map is located in Vice City (Miami) - looks huge, one video features a lake which IRL is quite far from Miami, perhaps the map features a bigger chunk of Florida
  • At least 2 protagonists, Lucia and Jason, switchable characters, looks like you can call them to help you e.g. when robbing places
  • References of RPG elements - food, drink, sweat, fatigue, animal taming...
  • Mountain bike ramps references, city bikes renting
  • New animations like prone, characters bracing in shootouts, an animation titled "overdose", animations referencing horses and horse riding
  • Redesigned weapons wheel with additional slots for cigarettes, medicine, trauma kit...
  • You can pick up/drop weapons, carry a duffel bag, looks like the weapon inventory will be more limited, lots of drug dealing references
  • Cars have interiors with lots of detail and animations - seat, mirror, wheel, sun visor adjustments...
  • Robbing shipping containers, drilling locks
  • Open interiors like motel, metro station, restaurants, pawn shop (selling stolen goods?), supermarket..., references of functional elevators
  • Car damage looks to be more detailed, only 1 proper collision in the leak afaik so hard to say
  • Boat damage tests - perhaps it will carry over from RDR2? Loved the physics there.
  • Cloth (skirt) physics
  • Cops remember your vehicle model/plate, I hope San Andreas' respray to escape is not making a comeback lol
  • Small robberies are full of detail, NPCs reacting to everything going on, cops surrounding the place without entering blindly
  • A list of dynamic world events like missing tourists

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