For female streamers, a scandal sometimes means with popularity, but it can also be the end of their career. And in the case of Eun Yu-Hwa, a beautiful Korean streamer, the second repercussion takes place. To be more specific, her ex-boyfriend accused her of having adultery as well as spreading the venereal disease to him. Yu-Hwa immediately announced her retirement from streaming in tears.

Eun Yu-Hwa streamer 1
Eun Yu-Hwa quit streaming after her ex-boyfriend reveals her personal life

Eun Yu-Hwa made headlines in July, gaining massive attention in the Korean streaming scene. Her name constantly popped up on social networking sites, in a negative term. That was when her private life was made public by her ex-boyfriend. He not only accused her of cheating but also spreading a sexually transmitted disease.

Eun Yu-Hwa 2
Eun Yu-Hwa is known for sexy dancing on stream

According to the story, just one day after being released from prison for drunk speeding, he saw Eun Yu-Hwa in the car of another strange man. And in April, he found out he had a venereal disease.

Eun Yu-Hwa 3
She loves to flaunt her body in a bikini

In response, Eun Yu-Hwa does not deny that she dated someone else, but the relationship ended long ago. She also vehemently rejects being the root of the venereal disease. To make herself clear, she reveals her medical record in the past year and insists that during that time she only dates the ex, who is exposing her private life.

Eun Yu-Hwa 4
The streamer had to quit streaming after the scandal

That is the reason why Eun Yu-Hwa disappears from AfreecaTV in recent months. Although before that, she gained massive attention from the community for performing appealing dances on air. She came back on air just a few days ago, but only for a moment and then left again.

Eun Yu-Hwa 5
She was back for a few minutes, gave fans a dance, and the disappear again

Eun Yu-Hwa received a lot of attention from fans and colleagues. Despite all that, she revealed she had absolutely no intention of returning to focus more on modeling. She did not mention retiring on the last stream, but fans can expect basically the same thing when she only comes live once or twice a month.

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