Streamers, especially female streamers, always pay much attention to create and maintain their personal images. And it is never easy to keep their success and heat as always. Beautiful streamer Gul-hye isn’t an exception. She is known as a popular streamer who used to receive lots of interest from the viewers before a pitiful accident on live stream ruined all of her efforts.

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Gul Hye
Gul-hye - a beautiful streamer who faces lots of criticism.

To get more specific, on the latest live streaming session at Afreeca TV, Gul-hye, as usual, went live stream and interacted happily with her viewers. The hot streamer wore a pair of loose jeans and a shirt that was enough to show off her slim waist. She rapidly attracted the attention of a large number of audiences.

However, it worth mentioning when she took off the bag, Gul-hye accidentally showed a thing that directly pushed her into big trouble on a live stream. Even many frankly said that she was a liar. What was this thing? It was a lighter.

Gul Hye Afreeca Tv

You may wonder why a lighter could ruin this streamer’s career. Here is the answer for you! In the past, Gul-hye allegedly had a habit of smoking but she denied all rumors. This time was the same.


The hot streamer continued to reject all of the allegations and said that the so-called lighter, in fact, was a tool to shape eyelashes that could be combined with a cotton swab. However, many still felt skeptical about what she said.

Streamer Lighter

Back in early 2019, Gul-hye was once caught smoking and had to make an apology. She also admitted that she just gave a try for fun, and she felt ashamed of her behaviors. But after the latest accident, the netizens may feel difficult to believe what she says.

Gul Hye Streamer

However, there are lots of mixed opinions relating to her latest live stream. Accordingly, some said that smoking goes against her naïve and friendly image and this streamer is obviously lying to her viewers. Meanwhile, others have kept supporting her and believe that her smoking habit is acceptable, and at her age, Gul-hye can completely decide what to do.