Halloween has knocked on the door and streamers seemingly enjoy the fancy space of this festival by choosing to play many horror games on live streams. However, these kinds of games are not obviously suitable for some certain players, for example, wimpy female streamers (especially those who always feel scared of ghosts). So does Ran, a beautiful streamer from Korea.


Ran is known for one of the female streamers with the biggest and most beautiful breasts. She also receives a lot of support from YouTube users. There are many factors to help the Korean streamer win the hearts on the Internet such as cuteness, sexiness, often performing sexy dances on live streams, as well as her skillful ability to play games.

However, it seems that her big boobs and bravery have a strong inverse relationship. It is shown via a unique moment Ran has experienced in recent days. To get more specific, a few days ago, she streamed playing a horror game to experience a creepy space on Halloween. Her fans may not have enough time to realize how scary the game was, the streamer winced, and even almost burst into tears after a few moments of witnessing its horror scenes.

Although these moments made her face get less beautiful, her fans felt very excited about what they saw. It can be undeniable that even while she cried out, her fans couldn’t take their eyes off her big boobs that were covered by a two-string shirt. Some even said that she seemed to get sexier when crying on live streams.

For those unknown, this female streamer is now recognized as one of the most-loved streamers in Korea. Apart from her beauty, she wins the hearts on the Internet due to her ability to sing, dance, cosplay, play games, or even interact charmingly with her fans. Additionally, she often appears with a lovely cat on live streams. And the moments when her pet touches Ran always make fans feel more excited.

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