YouTubers have recently started to create a lot of interesting and addictive IRL content, instead of just producing videos behind the screen. Countless tricks and challenges are applied to hunt uniqueness and earn as many views as possible. However, not long before, a YouTuber came to a bitter end after joining a kiss or kick on balls challenge with female passers-by.

Youtuber Zeven

The main character in this story is Will Zeven - a YouTuber who is known for his sense of humor and creativity. On a beautiful day, Zeven suddenly came up with an idea to make a video with a kiss or kick on balls challenge. There is nothing complicated in the rules! The YouTuber would approach girls on the streets and invited them to play a game of scissors, rock, paper. Zeven won, he could kiss the girl. Or vice versa, she had the right to kick his intimate body part.

At first, Will Zeven won girls many times, and of course, he successfully ‘earned’ a lot of kisses. He sometimes lost the game but the girls almost gave him a light kick - that was just for fun. Of course, it is unnecessary to be too serious to play such a game. However, there is always at least one exception.


Things became a completely different story when this YouTuber approached a game-changer - a strong girl. It worth mentioning that Zeven lost the game but he seemingly didn’t feel worried at all. In the previous games, the female winners obviously didn’t cause a big threat to him.

However, Zeven was terribly wrong. This girl suddenly gave him a powerful kick in his sensitive part so that the YouTuber couldn’t even stand firm. Before leaving there, she gently said that she forgot to tell him that she learned karate.

Youtuber Challenge

Many think that this story came to an end and Will Zeven just got a rather painful kick. No, you’re wrong. Three weeks later, he had to ask surgeons for help, and believe it or not, he was diagnosed with a testicular post trauma explosion. They also advised him to remove the destroyed testicle.

Kiss Kick Challenge

No better choice. The poor YouTuber followed the hospital’s advice and suggested to his colleagues that they would learn how to protect themselves before performing any kiss or kick on balls challenge. As for Zeven, he may never have an intention to join this challenge once again.

Kick Balls Youtuber

Kiss Kick Balls

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