The main character in our story this time is streamer Zhou Liqi - a weirdly popular guy in China. Believe it or not, although Zhou Liqi is a completely healthy man, he is reportedly too lazy to do anything and just wants to enjoy his life. That’s why in the past, he used to earn his life by stealing properties or doing crimes. It’s not surprising that Zhou Liqi was in prison many times.

Zhou Liqi
Zhou Liqi - a Chinese streamer who used to prefer living in prison than freedom.

It worth mentioning that after getting out of jail, he didn’t have any intention to repent and continued to step on the path of stealing. This guy was even considered as a regular customer in prison because he got familiar with every jailer. How unbelievable it is!

It is said that Zhou Liqi spent 4 times getting into and out of jail. However, these experiences seem to make nonsense when the man frankly said to the netizens that he felt rather impressed and loved life in prison. Accordingly, he revealed that he didn’t need to care about accommodation or cover his living expenses if he continues to live in prison. Meanwhile, life must become much harder for anyone in modern society.

Streamer Zhou Liqi
He was in the past.

However, that’s just what he said to excuse for his laziness. It’s surprising that his saying helped him earn greater popularity than ever. Realizing that Zhou Liqi can lead public opinion, a streaming company suddenly suggests this guy follows a career as a streamer. Instead of being lazy as always, Zhou Liqi decided to accept the recommendation.

Internet Celeb
And at present.

Although his live streams don’t cover lots of special content, streamer Zhou Liqi has attracted more than 34 lakh followers. His streaming content mainly focuses on the period when he was in prison. It may even be harder to believe that this weird streamer can earn up to Rs9.5 lakh per month - an impressive amount, especially when he has a record.

Zhou Liqi has recently changed a lot. He often shares positive content to his viewers, and even is invited by the police to live stream law programs. At present, this streamer hopes to become a good example for young people. He advises them not to be as lazy as he was. For those who are dirty, they can still catch a chance to change their life.

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