Many think that having a beautiful face and sexy figure are two obligatory requirements for those who want to pursue their career as a streamer, especially for female streamers. However, compared to the figure, the face seems to be easier to draw attention from the netizens. That’s why there have now been many female streamers who are shorter than 1m50 but still gain huge interest from the streaming community. In fact, it is easy to understand because they just reveal their face on live streams and maybe no one cares how tall they are.

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Go Eun

The netizens say that this girl is a streamer full of paradoxes because, in spite of her 1m50 height, Go Eun is endowed with her beautiful face and sexy breasts. More interestingly, many even believe that her height is also one of the factors that help her win the hearts of the viewers.

Go Eun

Not investing much in content, Go Eun still manages to attract thousands of followers on her live streams. The netizens are always willing to spend hours listening to her stories and reviews about bars, and something like that.

Go Eun Car

Go Eun Outdoor

Go Eun Short

So Daejang

Speaking of her appearance, So Daejang looks like many Korean idols but she is also known for her charm. She is one of the most prominent Korean streamers at present. However, many don’t know that she is just about 1m40 tall. How short she is!

So Daejang

So Daejang Streamer

And of course, the height doesn’t affect the number of her fans at all because they all love her diverse content.


Shuki is amongst the female streamers who mainly focus on creating food videos. However, it’s surprising that she always looks skinny despite how much she eats. In some panoramic photos, this lovely girl even looks like an elementary school student.


Shuki Black White

Shuki Sports

Shuki Streamer

Shuki White

In fact, Shuki is about 1m50 tall and her annual income reaches at least Rs48 lakhs. Her height especially becomes more notable when she stands next to other colleagues.


Like Deajang, Aishu is just about 1m43 tall - a modest number. However, Aishu never has any intention to hide her real height. She even feels proud of it. This is one of the main factors that help her receive huge support from the netizens.

Aishu streamers

For those unknown, Aishu’s boyfriend is also a popular streamer who has the same height as her. The couple is so cute!

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