Streamers or content creators have become more popular than ever due to their diverse content, eye-catching images, and great ability to catch up with the hottest trends in modern society. They can come from any place in the world, from busy cities to remote countryside and ethnic minorities. For example, female streamer Lio Mau from Tibet, China in the following incident.

Mountain Streamer
The hot TikToker, aged 30, has nearly 4 lakhs followers on the popular Chinese platform.

Lio Mau is known as a popular streamer and creator on Douyin (TikTok) - a social network in China. She wins the hearts of the majority of the netizens due to her natural style, as well as her videos and live streams about the life and landscapes in Tibet. Like many other mountain girls, Lio Mau is not well-educated, but she still manages to draw huge attention thanks to her good and artless nature.

Streamer Burnt Alive
She posted the first video on Douyin in May 2018.

However, a few days ago, a heart-rending accident took place. On the 14th night of September, while she was live streaming at home, her ex-husband poured gasoline on and burnt her alive. The poor streamer was reportedly badly burnt, and even her life was in danger.


There has been no specific reason for the culprit’s cruelty; however, it is rumored that the main reason came from the quarrel between Lio Mau and her ex-husband when he learned that she has been an influencer on the Internet.

Streamer Burnt
Before the accident took place, she had created 205 videos.

The netizens have rapidly raised a fund to help the mountain streamer overcome the current difficulties. Accordingly, the amount reaches up to 1 million Chinese yuan (about Rs1.1 crore). And it’s great that the police immediately arrested the culprit.

Burnt Streamer
She suffered three-degree burns to 85% of her body.

At present, the case has been under investigation. Meanwhile, the female streamer’s account has received more interest from the netizens.

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