It's a fact that the Indian gaming scene is growing at an unprecedented pace. And a part of the credits has to go the way of content creators and gamers in the country. Speaking of content creators, Ujjwal Chaurasia, aka Techno Gamerz, is perhaps one of India’s favorite.

Youtuber Ujjwal Techno Gamerz
Techno Gamerz Is One Of The Hottest Names Right Now

Techno Gamerz makes a name for himself playing well-known titles such as GTA 5, Minecraft, and Garena Free Fire.

Being such a prominent name in the industry, have you ever wondered how much money Techno Gamerz earns a month? Let's find out Techno Gamerz's income together!

Techno Gamerz's Info

You probably know the content creator via his Free Fire videos on the Youtube channel Techno Gamerz. If you're curious, you can find his in-game profile using the following ID: 786974995.

Free Fire Stats 

In this account, Techno Gamerz has played a total of 358 squad matches and won 39 of them. That translates to a win rate of 10.89%. He bags 600 frags in these matches, equaling a K/D ratio of 1.88.

Techno Gamerz Earning Lifetime Stats
His Lifetime Stats

In the duo mode, the content creator has played 443 games and has 37 victories. He has a modest win rate of 8.35%. In the process, Techno Gamerz has taken 754 kills to achieve a K/D ratio of 1.86.

In his 289 solo matches, Techno Gamerz has won 16, maintaining a win rate of 5.53%. However, he has the highest K/D score in this mode: 546 kills equal a 2.00 K/D ratio.

Techno Gamerz Earning Ranked Stats
His Ranked Stats

When it comes to the current ranked season, Techno Gamerz has played that many games. He only played a handful of ranked matches, with not the greatest win rate. But we all know that climbing rank isn't his number one priority in Garena Free Fire.

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YouTube Channels and Rank

Techno Gamerz started his Youtube channel around three years ago. Now he runs two channels: Techno Gamerz and Ujjwal.

His main channel, Techno Gamerz, has about 14.8 million subscribers and a total of 2.92 billion views. At the time of writing, it ranks 69th in India in the number of subscribers.

The second channel, Ujjwal, has 4.18 million subscribers, with 347 million combined views.

Techno Gamerz's Earnings

According to Social Blade, Techno Gamerz’s estimated monthly earnings are between $61.6K - $985.4K. Meanwhile, his yearly income is around $739.1K - $11.8 million. That's a lot of money coming from two Youtube channels alone.

Techno Gamerz Earnings Estimated
Social Blade Estimation

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