Being more than just a social media platform, Instagram is also a great opportunity for models and celebrities to extend their fanbase and boost their careers. In fact, the number of a follower on Instagram can define how hot and famous a model is. Here is the list of most popular and hottest models on Instagram for you to follow right now!

10. Sommer Ray - 25.5M followers

Being the daughter of a famous body-builder, Sommer Ray has been steal spotlight for her ‘thicc’ figure. She started growing her own fanbase on Instagram when she was only 16 and took the modeling career seriously lately.

Sommer Ray

9. Emily Ratajkowski - 26.8M followers

After taking the world by storm with her sizzling look in Robin Thike’s Blurred Lines music videos, the social media started became a true sensation and started her career as a model. Her feed is studded with glamorous photoshoots and bold selfies. Take a look at a few below!

Emily Ratajkowski

8. Hailey Bieber - 29.3M

Before being well-known as the wife of popstar Justin Beiber, Hailey has carved her niche as a promising model and TV personality. In addition to that, she used to work in the entertainment industry as an actor and show host.

Hailey Bieber

7. Chrissy Teigen - 31.3M

Unlike many other models who cover their feeds with hot selfies and stunning shoots, the mother of two keeps her fans updated on sweet and adorable moments of her kids. She is also well-known for being the wife of the Grammy winner John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen

6. Bella Hadid - 33.5M followers

Following the footsteps of her sister Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid entered the glamour modeling world and it was Instagram which boosted her into stardom. The model gained more than 30M followers just within a few years.

Bella Hadid

5. Cara Delevingne - 44.1M followers

The British rose Cara Delevinge has been accelerating more and more fans not only for her stunning appearance but also for talented acting skills and great personality. She is now working as a model, actress, and singer at the same time.

Cara Delevingne

4. Gigi Hadid - 58.5M followers

Being the elder daughter of former model Yolana Hadid, Gigi Hadid has been raised to be a model and is now on the rise of being one of the most acclaimed models in the world. The actress also made headlines for being in a relationship with pop singer Zayn Malik and the pair is expecting a baby girl.

Gigi Hadid

3. Kendall Jenner - 139M followers

Unlike her sibling Kylie Jenner who is more of an influencer than a model, Kendall Kenner has been working as a professional model since she was 14 year old. She has walked the ramp for several luxury brands like Marc Jacob, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret and many others.

Kendall Jenner

2. Kim Kardashian West - 186M

Despite many controversies and scandals, Kim Kardashian has established her own empire in the entertainment world. The model and mother of 4 is said to be one of the most-desirable women on earth who turns heads for her iconic hour-glass figure.

Kim Kardashian

1. Kylie Jenner - 196M followers

Kylie Jenner, no need for introduction, is the top famous model and media influencer. Soaring into stardom as a TV personality, Kylie Jenner had already had a huge fan base before entering the modeling world. She is also well-known as a young billionaire who owns an established cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetic.

Kylie Jenner

With nearly 200M followers, the hottie not only outdid her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendal Jenner to be the most-followed person in the Kardashian-Jenner family but also the 4th most-followed celeb on IG in the world. The top 3 belong to Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

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