The streaming world has changed a lot over time and streamers have continued to try their best in a race to seek fame and of course, money. Some streamers suddenly become popular within a few days while others accidentally put an end to their careers. For example, Leafy and Pokimane have had a hard time but it may be a great chance for other streamers on Twitch.

Here are the top 5 most potential streamers on Twitch this year. Let’s get started!


KittyPlays or Kristen Michaella has about 11 lakhs Twitch followers. Fans have got familiar with her as a Fortnite streamer but in fact, her favorite games also include PUBG, Valorant, and COD. KittyPlays is now amongst the most prominent female gamers across the world.


Kittyplays Game

Kittyplays Streamers

While many female streamers have come under fire due to their bad content and gaming skills, KittyPlays has proved her attraction as a highly-skilled gamer. She must be more popular in the upcoming time.


AdmiralBulldog or Henrik Ahnberg used to be a pro Dota 2 gamer but he is now known as a co-owner and streamer for Alliance. He won The International 2013 for Alliance; however, he now focuses on developing his career as a streamer.


There have been about 6.98 lakh followers on his Twitch account. Fans have been strongly impressed by AdmiralBulldog’s funny and weird streams, as well as how he plays Dota 2. At present, this streamer tends to play Fall Guys and some other games. It’s great to watch his new achievements in the near future!


Frankly, Pokimane or Imane Anys has had a hard time in recent months. However, the female streamer has kept maintaining the heat thanks to her loyal fans.

Female Streamer


Pokimane Streamer

It can’t deny that the 1996-born girl has become the most popular female streamer across the world. In the upcoming time, she must continue to appear on the list of hottest Twitch streamers.


According to a recent report, NRG Fortnite gamer Cody Clix Conrod has been known as the highest-earning pro gamer this year. He has had about 21 lakhs Twitch followers.


The Fortnite Guy reported that his monthly income is estimated at over $100,000 (about Rs73 lakh). He is amongst the top highest-paid streamers in 2020.

Dr Disrespect

Back in June, Dr Disrespect got a Twitch ban and the netizens wondered when he could come back to the streaming world. Luckily, he once again continues his career as a streamer in early August.

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect.

Although Dr Disrespect doesn’t work on Twitch, this streamer still deserves a spot on the hottest streamers in 2020. When it comes to the number of streams, he is even ahead of two other streamers including Ninja and Shroud who have just come back to the streaming world in recent times. Additionally, Dr Disrespect has teamed up with Scout, a popular streamer in India in a recent event.

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