Sleep stream is becoming popular on Twitch with streamers like twomad and Asian Andy making a bunch of money by going to bed in front of their audiences.

However, the profit doesn’t come as easy as you think. Mischief fans certainly don’t want to let streamers go to sleep peacefully and they have done a lot to disturb them.

One of the streamers who have jumped on the bandwagon of sleep stream and got her consequences is Justaminx, who has approximately 426K Twitch followers and 194K YouTube subscribers. She’s from Ireland and often streams games like Among Us and GTA.

Justaminx streamer
Justaminx usually streams games like GTA and Among Us

Justaminx is also known for her on-off relationship with another streamer known as Jschlatt who takes every chance to mock and ridicule her in live streams.

The 23-year-old Twitch streamer’s latest attempt to do a sleep stream has turned into a real nightmare with her viewers trying to disturb her with all kinds of sounds and insults.

At the beginning of the video, Justaminx said she would go to bed and would chat with fans the next morning.

In response to this announcement, her viewers played clips of the streamer spitting at GeorgeNotFound – a fellow streamer, as well as jump scares.

Justaminx sleep stream 1
Fans didn't let her sleep in peace

After hearing a jump scare, she said:

Screenshot 1

She also showed her frustration when a viewer resorted to playing a seemingly endless nerve-wracking sound:

Screenshot 3

The rest of the stream is filled with noises of rage clips and sounds of farts as her audiences did everything they could think of to prevent her from sleeping.

Justaminx sleep stream
Sleep stream from hell

When she could no longer handle the frustration, she screamed:

Screenshot 4

After an endless night of being disturbed in some of the rudest ways possible, she finally woke up and said:

Screenshot 6

Justaminx’s response to that sleep stream from hell is summed up in this artwork: