Rachel Valkyrae Hofstetter has recently been recognized as the most-watched female streamer of 2020. After her week-long break, she revealed to fans some changes in her upcoming plans.


Accordingly, Valkyrae mentioned her contract with the current streaming platform YouTube, as well as her health issues and some new content she may pay more attention to in the upcoming time.

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Health Issues

According to her exclusive multi-year streaming contract with YouTube, the female streamer has to stream 100h each month. And fans all know that the number of her streaming hours of last year was much higher than expected. However, Valkyrae has just decided to pay more attention to her healthcare by reducing the work time.

On January 08, she has just turned 29 years old. The top-world streamer hoped that she could improve her health considerably to welcome her age of 30. She said, "I owe one hundred hours a month. But I went a little crazy and streamed too much last year, which is very bad for my health."

Valkyrae has a history of a potential auto-immune skin disorder and gut issues. Therefore, this year, she has a plan to start an Autoimmune Protocol, aka AIP diet. That’s why she may not have as much time to stream as before and some changes in her upcoming content are obviously necessary.

Changes In Content

Instead of the familiar content, it is likely that Valkyrae will try to do some cooking streams which is no doubt a good option for her to follow an AIP diet.

Cooking Stream
Cooking may be one of the new content in her upcoming streams.

The 29-year-old streamer also revealed some interesting information relating to her new sponsorship. This year, Sweetgreen, a 95-restaurant salad chain in the United States becomes her sponsorship.

According to her contract, 2021 marks the final year Valkyrae works as an exclusive streamer on YouTube, but there are always a lot of paths for her to develop her streaming career. Don’t forget to keep updating the latest news about Valkyrae and top streamers across the world!

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