Zhou Shuyi nicknamed Mikuya Zhou is no longer a strange name in the Chinese eSports community. The 1994-born streamer comes from Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China.

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Zhou Shuyi used to be a member of a popular cosplaying girl group Lunar. She then decided to pursue her dream in the eSports world: She started to work as an official caster for the League Of Legends and a streamer on Douyu.

Zhou Shuyi is also known as a “big sister” in the streaming community in China. With her huge income, she can even continue to live a luxurious life till the day she grows old if she chooses to give up her current career.

Although the female streamer now gets the fame and popularity that other streamers always dream of, she has a lot of concerns about her career. Zhou Shuyi sometimes wonders whether what she does in exchange for popularity is a great option or not.

Speaking of her career as a streamer, she thinks that this job is simply to entertain the netizens and always under a lot of controversies. Therefore, there will be no considerable difference between loved, supported, and disregarded ones.

On her recent stream, Zhou Shuyi frankly said that although she earns money in the streaming community, she sometimes feels disregardful for herself. She even feels shameful to admit that she is a streamer. When being asked about her job, she often mocks herself and says that she is just a beggar on the Internet.

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Many fans feel sympathetic to her while others don’t agree with what she reveals. In fact, it’s not hard to comprehend why she has such thinking. The main income of streamers comes from platforms they work for and donations from viewers.

However, Zhou Shuyi seemingly forgets that streamers have spread positive energies to their community, help their viewers feel happier, and balance their life better after a hard day. That’s also why many wish to become a popular streamer like their idols.

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