It sounds boring to watch YouTubers solving math problems on this popular platform. However, it must be another story if some interesting spices are added into the video, for example, solving a math problem while being seduced by a sexy girl. That’s also what the following male YouTuber experienced in recent days.

Youtuber Seduced

A video titled “Medical student can solve math problems against a sexy girl’s "attack" has recently received great attention on the Internet. According to the script, a medical student who ranked No.1 in Math in SAT would join a challenge of solving math problems while a beautiful and sexy girl tried to seduce him at all costs.

Youtuber Challenge

With flawless white skin and perfect body, the girl was no doubt very attractive to any guy. In the first level of the challenge when she just coyly glanced at the YouTuber, he could manage to tackle the problem. There was no difference in the second level when he kept gaining success although the girl became sexier and hotter. No touches in this level were included.

Some changes happened in the third level because despite solving the math problem successfully, it took the YouTuber more time than before. It’s obviously too hard to pay attention to do anything when such a beautiful girl stood next to him, pinched his cheek, and even let her breasts touch his body again and again.

Youtuber Pinched

However, in the fourth level when there might be more reckless touches, the YouTuber decided to give up the challenge, regardless of the hot girl’s surprise. It was rumored that according to the script, the guy would be “attacked” more powerfully by the hot girl - that may be enough for anyone of us to go red. It was a great pity that the main character wasn’t brave enough to continue to accept the next challenge. No need to discuss how annoyed and sorry the viewers felt at that time!

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