Social distancing in 2020 has given streamers their biggest opportunity ever to be discovered and blow up. Valkyrae is the fastest-growing streamer of 2020 and she even surpassed the famous Twitch streamer Pokimane.

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This is a huge achievement for Valkyrae as she turned from a pretty much no name streamer into the biggest female streamer of the year in just a few months and dethrone Pokimane, who has been on the top for years.

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Valkyrae dethroned Pokimane as the most-watched female streamer of the year 2020

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Valkyrae switched from Twtithc to YouTube at the start of the year. Most of her growth actually comes from her Among Us streams with other streamers. We have seen quite a handful number of streamers who got big thanks to Among Us in 2020 such as Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, Jacksepticeye,Valkyrie,...

From there, Valkyrie established herself as a variety streamer who plays what the audience wants to see.

Top 5 Females 2020
Among Us was the biggest reason for the exceptional growth of Valkyrae  in 2020

According to a report by Stream Hatchet, Valkyrae got a total of 23.6 million watch hours in 2020 while Pokimance is closely one the second place with 23.3 million watch hours. Compare with 2019, Valkyrae had a 7,304% growth in terms of watch hour. Still, Valkyrae is only placed 63rd across all streamers in terms of watch hours.

xQc is the one on the top of the chart with a whopping 148.9 watch hours in 2020

xQc is the one on the top of the chart with a whopping 148.9 watch hours, followed closely by Gaules and summit1g.

While female streamers are still very underwhelming when compared to male streamers, the report of Stream Hatchet indicates that the gap is continuing to close.

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