Corpse Husband has been one of the most sought-after streamers at the moment. He blew up while playing Among Us with other streamers. While he is anonymous to most people, he can be recognized by his special deep voice. He gained more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube in just a few months and shows up constantly on the trending page, no matter what he does.

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Corpse Husband has been one of the most sought-after streamers at the moment with his special voice

Recently, Corpse Husband rises again to break the internet with his 3-second video of him breathing. Yes, just 3 seconds of breathing with nothing else at all apart from his logo.

While it was definitely a super weird post, the Tweet got viral quickly and it is currently having 260 thousand likes with fans going crazy in the comment section. In the video, you can hear a deep heavy breath of Corpse, which fans have been wanting for a while now.

Twitter reaction to Corpse's breathing

Most people, of course, didn't go crazy for real because of Corpse's breathing but it is more like a meme for everyone to have fun. Scrolling through the comments and see how they come up with all kinds of theory and fanfic is hilarious though.

You can check out some of the best comments about Corpse's breathing Tweets below.

With just 3 seconds of breathing Corpse Husband has once again the center of the internet thanks to his huge loyal fanbase. It is no doubt that Corpse Husband is at the peak of his career now given how crazy his fans are. His deep scary voice is sure a special trademark that no other people can have.

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