Imane “Pokimane” Anys is known as one of the most popular streamers. She has millions of fans across different social media platforms.

Through her Fortnite and League of Legends streams, the 24-year-old Twitch star has made a name for herself. Since then, she has moved to record reaction videos and play games like Among Us.

Pokimane has millions of fans across different social media platforms.

Pokimane may be famous, but she is also one with many controversies because of her persona and her army of fans.

Her fans are known to display their affection by going to extreme lengths. And in a shocking event, a fan of her made a whopping $80 million donation to the streamer.

That amount of money is eye-watering. It also makes people wonder if the fan has actually donated that crazy sum of money.

Debunking the $80 million donation

In the original clip, Pokimane can be seen chasing CallMeCarson, a fellow YouTuber who sneaks in to steal her diary.

The truth is, the $80-million donation that the female streamer received is nothing but a meme created to mock the behavior of fans who tend to go overboard when donating to their favorite streamers.

With the appearance of Walter White from Breaking Bad TV show with his “Say my name” trademark line has made the meme more hilarious. The line was used to point to those fans who have long been yearning for the streamer to mention their name during the live stream.

The meme became viral, to the point that Pokimane even reacted to the clip herself.

The $80-million donation meme is so popular that it has got over 4 million views.

The witty editing and the funky music has led to Walter White being named “the king of simps.” And that is the true story behind the $80-million Pokimane donation.

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