Pokimane is always amongst the female streamers with the largest amount of ‘simps’. She is also known as one of the most controversial Twitch streamers to date. The netizens have witnessed many times she has been in a battle with other content creators including LeafyIsHere, ItsAGundam, and Keemstar.


Many believe that she was the one to account for streamer LeafyIsHere’s ban on YouTube, although the popular female streamer tried not to mention this controversy. However, it is a big surprise that she always has a large number of loyal fans, ‘simps’ who love searching for everything about her. Here are the top 5 questions the netizens feel most curious about her!

Pokimane Without Makeup

Maybe no female streamers appear without makeup on live streams and she must not be an exception. However, she used to go a few live streams with no makeup and the netizens immediately start a new trend to search for such her moments.

Pokimanes No Makeup

Pokimane Feet

Foot fetishism is no longer a strange term nowadays, and you may not know that there is even a trend of searching for her feet. Yes, you don’t hear it wrong. In fact, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys even appears on the Wikifeet page. The netizens gave her 5 stars for her gorgeous feet.

Pokimane Feet

Pokimane And Leafy

No need to explain more about the recent controversies between Pokimane and LeafyIsHere. Especially, many believe that the female streamer, as well as her simps, was the main reason for LeafyIsHere’s ban on YouTube.

Leafy Vs Pokimane

Leafy used to mock the female streamer and her simps via his 12 YouTube videos and got a ban on this platform. And then, he also said that a few of his videos were severe upon her. Additionally, he has also got a permanent ban on Twitch.

Her Overdue Apology

One month ago, the 24YO streamer made a video named “My overdue apology” on purpose to handle her recent controversies. Although she was responsible for her feuds, the netizens felt uncomfortable about what the streamer said. She also announced her comeback on the streaming community.

Pokimane Drama

As mentioned above, Pokimane, along with 4 other streamers, belongs to the list of most controversial Twitch streamers today. And of course, the netizens always feel curious about her latest drama and controversies with her colleague streamers.