Dota 2 is one of the most popular Esports out there. The game is well-renowned for its high level of competition and sky-high prize pool. Dota 2 players are also among the youngest athletes in the world. What can we tell about the age of the Dota 2 The International 2019’s candidates?

10 – The youngest team – Infamous

The South American squad is currently the youngest in the event. All of their players are pretty young both in real life and in-game. The average real age of the Infamous members is just under 20.

The International 2019 Facts 01
Infamous is the youngest team

They are also pretty new to the scene. The team member formerly played under the banner of Team Anvorgesa. They made their international debut in the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2. Though finishing 4th, the South American squad made waves. The roster was eventually signed by Infamous and qualified for The International through the open qualifier.

9 – The most aged team – Ninjas In Pyjamas

Conversely, we have the old men club. However we call it, they are just around their twenties. The average age of the team players in NiP is 25. Interestingly, they are not too different in age.

The International 2019 Facts 02
The old man club at the average age of 25

NiP was directly invited to The International. They accumulated 2620 points to get the #8 spot in the Dota Pro Circuit 2018-2019.

8 – Younger pros play more core position

Interestingly, the up and coming talents tend to play core roles rather than experienced veterans. In most teams, the position 1 or carry player tends to be the youngest. The mid lane player or position 2 seems to be a little more aged.

The International 2019 Facts 03
younger players tend to have better skills to fulfill the role

And so forth, the team captain or the hard support player seems to be the eldest player. They are often great leaders along with their age. It makes sense. Kuroky and Puppey seem to be the most experienced players in the scene as they went through ups and downs of Dota 2. They are now among the best captain in the world.

7 – Youngest players based on positions

1st position— K1 – the carry player in Infamous. He is born in 2000 and is turning 19 this November. However, he is still 18 up to this point.

2nd position— Abed – The midlaner from Fnatic. He is just 2 months older than K1. However, he turned 19 just this August 2.

The International 2019 Facts 04
Abed- is most notorious for his Meepo and becoming the first 10k MMR player

3rd position— Whisper – the offlaner in Infamous. He is the youngest offlaner up until this point.

4th position— Taiga – the versatile support in Alliance. Taiga has turned 20 this July. The support player is the youngest versatile support currently in The International 2019.

5th position— xNova from PSG.LGD. The Malaysian support 5 player will turn 22 this October. He is currently 21, being the youngest hard support player in this TI.

6 – Most aged players based on positions:

1st position— old chicken – Keen Gaming. The veteran has been in the Chinese scene since 2014. He is still playing carry even though he reached 26 this May. The core position often requires great reflections and skills. It is still uncertain if the age and experience would be a plus point or a hindrance to his Dota 2 career.

2nd position— FATA – Ninjas from Pyjamas. The German solomid player has been in the international scene since forever. FATA is currently 26 with many years of experience in Dota 2. He started his career with mousesports and Cloud9. However, only until playing in Team Liquid did he find decent success. The midlane veteran still looks sharp and in form to put up a great performance.

3rd position— iceiceice – Fnatic. One of the most iconic name in the Dota 2 scene. iceiceice started out playing solo middle. He won the 1v1 solo championship against Mushi to become the best solo mid in Dota 2 in The International 2013. He later switched to the offlane role.

The International 2019 Facts 05
Once the greatest solo mid player, iceiceice has stepped down and taken on the role of offlaner

4th position— LaNm – Royal Never Give Up. Zhang "LaNm" Zhicheng is often called the old man of Chinese Dota. He is among the most aged and experienced Dota 2 players in China. LaNm turns 30 this December.

5th position— Puppey – Team Secret. Here we go, the mastermind behind Team Secret’s success. Puppey has been in the scene since forever. The Estonian captain turned 29 this March. He is the oldest hard support player in The International 2019.

5 – Most stable age

Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD are the closest in age difference. Their players are almost the same age as the gap between the youngest and oldest being only 3 years.

The International 2019 Facts 07
The closest in age team

4 – Biggest age gap – Team Secret

Team Secret has the largest age different. Nisha is just 18 while Puppey is 29. That is a 11 year gap in age.

The International 2019 Facts 06
Like father, like so.. wait

3 – Youngest player – Whisper – Infamous

The Bolivian offlane player is the youngest in The International 2019. Whisper is currently 17 years old and is the only player under 18.

Also, please note that SumaiL has been the only player to claim the Aegis at the age of under 18. He hoisted the trophy at the age of 16!

The International 2019 Facts 08
SumaiL got his name engraved into the Aegis at the age of 16!

2 – The successive TI attendant under 20 – SumaiL

It is interesting to see SumaiL participating in his 5th successive The International. Among the players under 20, he attended TI the most. The closest player to rival him is Ramzes666 and ana with 3 times attendance.

The International 2019 Facts 10
SumaiL has secured 5 times The International attendance

1 – El Clasico with youngsters – Natus Vincere and Alliance

The two giants of early Dota 2 scene have made a comeback to the top-level competitive scene this year. The two sides have missed many TI since their peak after The International 2013.

The International 2019 Facts 11
the El Clasico of Dota 2

The two squads eventually fielded in young blood to replace the historic rosters. However, they will look to continue the path the forerunners have paved.

The International this year with $32+ million in the prize pool will surely one of the best ever tournament. Stay tuned to watch the best Esports tournament this year in August.