Daljit Singh is widely recognized as one of the top fraggers in the PUBG Mobile pro scene in India. He is known by his in-game handle “Daljitsk”. Originally from Khanna, Punjab, Daljitsk has been playing for TeamIND in the previous PMCO Prelims. They have had an overall decent run and could have gained the third position if it wasn’t for bad luck in the last three matches.

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It is very likely that Daljitsk would play the same role in his new team: Flanker and Sniper

Daljit did pretty well in the PMCO Fall Split and the Global Prelims with TeamIND. He played the role of a flanker and sniper and have made some fantastic clutch plays. The guy played a big part in TeamIND’s two chicken dinner victory during the Prelims. While not being an original member of TeamIND, his departure still leaves the fans surprised and shocked. The news was announced on November 27.

Carry and Ex1stence has left the PUBG Mobile roster of Orange Rock

Daljit from now would be a member of Orange Rock Esports, according to the official announcement from the official Instagram of the organization and its Twitter handle. Daljit would be the replacement of “Ex1Stence” Chisin Raingam, who would be leaving the team along with Carry. After a less than satisfactory performance in the PMCO, it looks like Orange Rock is trying to get together a better squad to compete in the next season. The replacement of Carry hasn’t been announced yet. Daljit has a decent fanbase on both Instagram and Youtube, almost reached 100k on both platforms. TeamIND hasn’t revealed who would take over his vacant position.

The Instagram post announcement of Daljitsk's addition to the Orange Rock lineup

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