Day 7 of the Free Fire India Championship 2021 has just ended, with teams from group A and C clashing against each other in a heated battle. In this article, we are going to showcase FFIC Fall League 2021 7 recap, including standings and MVPs.

1 - FFIC Fall League Day 7 standings

Overall, 4 Unknown dominated week 3's first day, with 79 points and 30 kills in total. Two booyahs out of six led them to the top of the group standings... however, Galaxy Racer is still a step ahead with 7 more LP. While GR didn't manage to get any booyah, they consistently placed second, with even more kills than 4 Unknown, at 37. Trained to Kill got the 3rd spot this week.

day 7 standings
FFIC Fall League 2021 day 7 standings: Group C dominates

Fan favorite Total Gaming and Team Elite do not perform too well today. They finished 4th and 7th respectively. Team Elite definitely should have worked to get more kill points. Despite winning 2 booyahs, they only secure 62 points.

League Standings
Overall, the #1 of each table is likely to stay the same... but the battle for the second slot is going to be heated.

Tomorrow is the last matchday for Group A. This is the last chance for Total Gaming to claim 2nd place along with a direct ticket to the finals. However, the competition is going to be fierce, with #2-4 having nearly the same points.

Team Elite is going to have to fight an uphill battle in group C, as the differences between them and the top two are somewhat big. This FFIC Fall League team performance last week is not as good as expected.

2 - FFIC Fall League Day 7 recap

  • Arrow Esports, one of the worst teams in the league, won the first game in Bermuda with 6 kills. Trained to Kill and 4 Unknown finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  • Desi Gamers got the 2nd booyah with 7 kills. UG Empire secured 2nd place with only 4 while GXR came in third with 6 kills. They are the only team in group A who managed to win a map. Overall, Group C is the best amongst the three, followed by A and finally B.
  • 4 Unknown seems to have practiced a lot on Kalahari. They won the 3rd and 6th matches on the desert map, with 13 and 9 kills respectively. Team Elite won the 4th and 5th map of the day, with 12 and 7 kills.

3 - MVP of Day 7

In FFIC Fall League 2021 Day 7, Galaxy Racer's new recruit Soham won the MVP with a whopping 14 kills and 8213 damage. Overall, 4 Unknown, team Elite and GXR divided ruled this category - all players on top having 10 kills or more.

Swastik, despite also scored 14 kills, only has 6245 damage under his belt. This is why Soham managed to take the first spot.

GXR Soham
GXR Soham scored his first MVP as a member of Galaxy Racer.

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