Epic Games, the creator and owner of the hugely famous Fortnite: Battle Royale game, just declared that they will not release updates in the game too close before or during a tournament. This action is truly a necessary response to the fury from professional players.

As mentioned in our previous post, many Fortnite pro players have suffered from the questionable decisions from Epic Games in gaming-changing updates. Some updates have been released too shortly before a tournament, some even while the competition is happening. This certainly has caused so many troubles for pro players that Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani from Team Solo Mid (TSM) had to urge for a union to protect the pro players of this game.

Myth Complain
The Tweet from Ali "Myth" Kabbani

Carefully heard the wills from the players, Epic Games has just announced in their website that they will set a period of time, from a few days to a week, between changes in the game so that players, especially pro players, can adjust their strategies and will not feel lost. We all know that updates are critical for a game to bring new experience for players, keep the game fresh and clean the bugs. However, when it comes to professional competitions, a logical timetable for updates is indeed required. So this action will indeed serve the pro players better when they feel that the transparency of the game is improved.

In the post on their website, Epic Games also said that this stance will be applied from the ‘Summer Smash’ tournament at the Australian Open on this January 26th and will be kept at least until the rest of this 2019 year. Moreover, this post is only part one of a series three posts regarding the development of the Fortnite competitive level. With such decisive action, we can all believe that Epic Games are preparing the best for the Fortnite World Cup. This is a $100 million prize pool Fortnite championship, which will take place later this year.

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Fortnite World Cup