Free Fire City Open 2021 Kolkata Finals is going to be held later today on June 25, with the title of Kolkata Kings contested by the top 12 teams of the region. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the Kolkata finals.

Schedule, Format, and Prizepool


Similar to the previous finals, a total of 6 matches will be played, spread across the three classic maps of the game. The winner of the Kolkata finals will directly qualify for the National Championship... while the 2nd to 4th spots will get a chance to qualify via the Regional Play-ins.

The first three matches would be Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari, with the matches from 4 to 6 rotated back to Bermuda again.


Free Fire City Open 2021 Kolkata Finals will be streamed live at 6:00 PM IST on Free Fire India Esports' Facebook and YouTube channel, along with the Booyah App.


The Kolkata City Finals will have a prize pool of 200,000 INR. Half of the pot will go to the winner, with the 2nd place getting 25%. The third and fourth places will get 12.5% each, which is 25,000 INR. Unlike the National championships, #5 and lower won't get anything.

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Qualified teams for Free Fire City Open Kolkata Finals

Qualified teams
Qualified teams
  • Head Hunters
  • Bot Army
  • Assassin Clutchgods
  • High Five

This final is going to be a clash of the titans, with Sixth Sense and Clutchgods fighting for the grand prize. Depends on their results, Sixth Sense might be recruited by the popular Esports Organization, TSM.

About Free Fire City Open

3/8 Free Fire city open regional finals have been completed so far, with three teams getting the direct invite to the Nationals. The Delhi final was claimed by team OP, followed by Zero-Degree taking the Ahmedabad Finals. The recent Hyderabad finals were dominated by Captains. The Free Fire National Championship will take place on August 15.

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