Free Fire Pro Series India's first week has finally ended yesterday. The Group Stage is going to continue for another 2 weeks, until October 6. In this article, we are going to showcase a summary of Free Fire Pro Series first week.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series First week overall standings

Day 1 & 2

Overall, from Free Fire Pro Series day 1 to day 2, Blind Esports, D Esports and Team Elite kept their game on and continue their winning spree. 4 Unknown was kicked out of the top... and Desi Gamers literally disappeared from the top half of the table. Headhunters had the best improvement, went from #12 to #4.

Day 3 group standings

Blind Esports (formerly known as team Captains), the champion of Free Fire City Open, has claimed the first spot this week after a stellar performance. After day 3, they led the point table with 53 kills and 239 points, 26 more than the runner up, team Elite.

 top 12 best teams
Day 3 standings: top 12 best teams

The 3rd to 6th spots are 4 Unknown, D Esports, TSG Army and Head Hunters. Out of the 4, only Headhunters are on a narrow lead - they need to remain in the top 6 to get a direct ticket to the final round.

The second part of the table is populated by some popular names such as Total Gaming Esports or Desi Esports. The bottom six are in peril - based on the Free Fire Pro Series India 2021 format, they would be eliminated without any chance in wildcard.

bottom 12
Day 3 standings: bottom 12

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Day 3 recap

  • Team Elite won the first Booyah of the day, with 12 kills. Killer alone took half of that and the MVP title. Blind Esports' Abhay managed to clutch his team into the 2nd spot with 4 kills.
  • The 2nd match on Kalahari came down to a final showdown between Evil Army and LVL Iconic, with EA.Bhim letting his team come out on top, wiping the whole LVL Iconic squad. He became the MVP of the round with 5 frags.
  • The third match between group A and D was claimed by AFF Esports with 8 frags. D Esports came second, defeated in the final circle.
  • Group B and C battled it out in the 4th match on Kalahari. TSG got the booyah after 7 kills, with Vihaan claiming the MVP with just 3 frags. Blind Esports claimed 2nd while Team Elite took the 3rd spot.
  • Blood Bashers won the 5th match of the day with 9 kills, while the final match was claimed by 4 Unknown with just 4.

3 - Free Fire Pro Series Day 3 MVPs

Best squad in FFPS day 3

  • Insane Aryan - Blood Bashers
  • Radhe Thakur - 4 Unknown
  • Bheem - Evil Army
  • Fabindro - TSM

Top 5 best players of FFPS day 3

  • BBS Insane Aryan - 9 kills
  • AFF Pavan - 7 kills
  • PVS EcoEco - 7 kills
  • EA Bheem - 7 kills
  • TE Iconic - 6 kills

Despite not being on the MVP list, team Elite's Killer remains the most popular player in the game, with over 79% of the votes from viewers. This is not too weird, as only Evil Army's Bheem managed to get into both the "best squad" and "top 5 MVPs".

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