After the ban on 59 Chinese apps of the Indian government, the Indian army has also demanded their personnel to uninstall 89 apps from their phone, including PUBG Mobile, over security concerns.

59 Chinese apps have been banned by the government

PUBG Mobile was not the only game that got restricted from the Indian army including Mobile Legends, Clash of Kings, NONO Live, and all Tencent gaming apps. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat also got hit. The latest tension between India and China was the main reason for this ban. In such a sensitive time like this, leakage of information is a very serious problem.

“Such guidelines are issued periodically. These are more significant now in the context of the current border tensions and the need to secure information,” an officier revealed.

Indian Army Soldier 89 App Ban Ap Twitter
Indian army ban 89 apps to prevent information leakage

This ban from the Indian army is separated from the ban of 59 Chinese apps previously. The apps that were banned earlier have been removed completely from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India.

PUBG Mobile is still available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the moment but many people fear that it will soon get banned just like many other Chinese apps and Tencent games. PUBG Mobile is currently the most popular game as well as the most potential esports in India with many big sponsors and organizations.

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If PUBG Mobile gets banned in India now, it will be a disaster

There are currently 7  pro PUBG Mobile teams in the international tournament PMWL East now. If PUBG Mobile gets banned, even if just for a month, the whole system will collapse, taking away the chance for esports to grow in India along with the career of many people.

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