2020 was going to be a big year for PUBG Mobile Esports, with an unprecedented prize pool of 5 million dollars and an extra level of competition. However, the sudden arrival of the coronavirus plague has thrown a wrench into the developers’ plans. The World Championship was supposed to be held in December 2020 in Katowice, Poland, with the top teams from the World League participating.

Pmco Day One 12
PUBG Mobile World League has the biggest prize pool ever seen for a Mobile title

Almost all regional LAN tournaments of PUBG Mobile has been changed to online… and with international tournaments even harder to hold (as you have to get people all over various countries to gather), looks like we are going to have an online Global tournament.

How is an Online Global tournament going to work?

Lags, as usual, is the main enemy of online gaming - and in this case, PUBG Mobile's developers would have to create a stable connection between all the teams and a server. This is actually super hard to do, as the ones who are physically closer would always have an advantage. For a global, high tier tournament - that isn't really acceptable. It is why all major tournaments are always offlines.

Xac Dinh 20 Cai Ten Tham Du Pubg Mobile World Leag
PUBG Mobile has to change its plan due to COVID

They could also do what the NBA is doing to their players - fly everyone to a location without COVID and hold the tournament there. The complication is that in the NBA's case, all the players are in one country while in PUBG Mobile's case, they are scattered all over the world.

What is going to happen?

According to James Yang, they have been monitored the virus situation and found a possible solution back in June. With international travel opening up in various countries around the world and many other Tencent-created tournaments restarting (Leagues of Legend World and Clash Royale League are re-opening), it is very possible for PUBG Mobile to go the same route.

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World Championship is the last level of the tournaments

The announcement would be in two weeks, on August 24. Stay tuned. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile related articles? Please check out this post for everything about the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile.