Evo gun skins are the most powerful, best-looking and costliest type of skins in Free Fire. They quickly become the most sought-after skins in the game because of that. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of all Evo gun skins in Free Fire 2022.

To unlock an Evo skin, you need about 1080 diamonds... and get them to max would cost about 10000 diamonds.

1. AK47-Blue Flame Draco

The Blue Flame Draco Evo Skin turns your AK into a blue dragon, with a pair of wings and purple/blue flame effects on its body. This is the first evolution skin ever released in Free Fire.

At maximum level, the Blue Flame Draco AK47 has Damage+, Rate of Fire++, with a Movement Speed- demerit. Its special ability lets players deal more damage when shooting at Gloo Walls.

Blue Flame Draco 
Blue Flame Draco AK47

2. UMP- Booyah Day

In terms of stats, the UMP Booyah Day 2021 is clearly the best UMP skin in Free Fire by giving the weapon more damage and Rate of Fire. In addition, it increases the damage output of the weapon after you have picked it up for 100 seconds. The UMP is a good early game and tends to fall off in the late game. This ability allows you to carry it over to the end game.

Ump Booyah Day 2021
The UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evolution skin at level 7

Note that players need to upgrade the UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evolution skin to at least level 6 to unlock all of its strengths.

3. SCAR-Megalodon

When maxed, the SCAR Megalodon Alpha has the following bonuses: + Damage, ++ Fire Rate and - Reload Speed. The combo of damage and Fire Rate is probably the best in Free Fire outside of a few specific cases... and people usually prefer a higher fire rate than damage for an easier time getting headshots.

D5857 16096496844605 1200

The Megalodon Alpha fits perfectly into the top tier category. The demerit in Reload Speed is not much of a problem at all... as it does not affect the gun's damage output. The design of the weapon is fairly awesome, with spiky red fins all over its top and handle. The overall details and effects are red, which differentiates it from the previous Evo guns of Blue and Yellow.

4. MP40-Predatory Cobra

The MP40 is the strongest SMG in Free Fire and one of the strongest close-range weapons in Free Fire. It has an insane rate of fire and damage that can easily burst down enemies in close-range combats.

The Predatory Cobra MP40 Evolution skin gives the weapon 2 Damage buffs, 1 Rate of Fire buff while reducing the Reload Speed of the weapon. At Level 6, the skin also gives the weapon a bonus ability to deal bonus damage when you hit the target from behind.

With these buffs, the MP40 will become even more deadly in combats. The bonus ability is also quite useful if you can catch the enemy by surprise and kill them quickly before they can react. This is definitely the best MP40 skin ever and a must-have skin if you are an MP40 fan.

Mp40 Predatory Cobra
The MP40 Predatory Cobra is definitely the best MP40 skin ever

The only problem is that this skin will be quite expensive, like every other Evolution skin in Free Fire. You also need to at least upgrade this skin to Level 6 for it to reach its full power or else it will not be that good.

5. XM8-Destiny Guardian

With both the Damage buff and the Rate of Fire buff on the skin, plus the special ability it is no doubt that the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution Skin is the best skin for the XM8. However, to get its special ability and maximum attribute, you need to upgrade the skin to at least level 6. You can check out a more detailed review for the XM8 Destiny Guardian Evolution skin on our site for more information.

Destiny Guardian Xm8 Evilution Skin 1
Free Fire Destiny Guardian XM8 Evilution skin Level 7

Overall, this is one of the flashiest weapon ever released in Free Fire, with a beautiful blue lightning effect all over its body. Furthermore, the Destiny Guardian XM8 has a special power that deals more damage if you are shooting from the high ground.

6. M1014-Green Flame Draco

The Free Fire M1014 Green Flame Draco Evolution skin is the first evolution skin for shotguns. It is the second skin from the "Draco" evolution line, with a green-themed dragon. Garena might release other colors for the "Draco" line later.

At max level, the fire rate would increase to ++, which boosts the gun to the same tier as a legendary weapon. Furthermore, you will also unlock the ability to deal more damage to Gloo Wall. This is the same ability that the AK Blue Flame Draco skin has. Garena might make this the common skill of the Draco Evolution line.

Green Flame Draco
Green Flame Draco final form

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