There are players who are good at Free Fire and then there are players who think they are good at Free Fire? Now if you are a truly great Free Fire players, you will have things that no other players have. These are the 5 signs that prove you are a pro Free Fire player.

1. A K/D ratio of 2 or more

In Free Fire, the K/D ratio is the ratio of your Kill and Death you have in the current season. It is calculated by dividing your total number of Kill by your number of Death. You must have at least a K/D ratio of 2 or above to call yourself a pro Free Fire player.

A pro player will have a high K/D ratio

While the K/D ratio is not everything in Free Fire, it is a great element to look at when first judging the skill of a player, that they are not too noob. Lots of guilds use the K/D ratio to recruit members.

On the other hand, if you can not get 2 kills per match on average, you are definitely playing the game wrong.

2. Great at 1 vs 1 duel

A 1 vs 1 situation is where all the skills a player is shown. A newbie would go panic, run away, or get killed in the worst possible way.

A pro Free Fire player never go down in a 1 vs 1 without a fight

But for a pro player, they are confident as they have gone through thousands of battles. They can think of different strategies and execute them perfectly. With a vast knowledge and experience about weapons in Free Fire, they utilize their power to the max and put on a great fight.

3. Not afraid to die

In such a battle royale game like Free Fire, dying is a very common thing for all players and it is a not-so-great feeling. But a pro player will understand that it is fine to die as long as you learnt something from it.

How To Get Automatic Revive In Free Fire How To Se
Dying is a very common things in Free Fire and pro players understand that

They won't let that fear of dying and making mistake to stop them from trying new things and push their skills further. Learning from mistakes is the only way for you to get far in Free Fire.

4. Drop into crowded locations

Noob players tend to want to play safe because they will likely to go back to the lobby if they land in a crowded location.

Pro players willing to take the risk to get good loot and enjoyment

These locations often have high loot quality but they also have a lot of people, which increases the chance of dying. That is exactly what pro players want. They want a place with a lot of actions so they can hone their skill while having fun at the same time.

Not that this is true in casual matches. In tournaments, pro players tend to avoid conflict because placement point is also a very important factor.

5. Aggressive playstyle

You can easily that most pro players love the aggressive play style even if it sometimes loses then the game and de-rank. That is because they can get their rank back anytime they want by playing carefully.

An aggressive playstyle is fun

Most pro players want to have that thrilling feeling when killing a player and sometimes even a squad by themselves.

Now, that the 5 signs that show you are a pro Free Fire players. How many signs do you have?

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