Free Fire has been carving its own niche in the mobile game industry thanks to not only unique features but also a variety of equipment and weapons in-game. Apart from guns and weapons which players can loot during the match, they can also pack up some selectable equipment loadout for the inventory before the game begins. As there are many new players who don't understand clearly about these items, here is the ultimate guideline about Free Fire equipment loadouts you need to know!

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What is Free Fire Equipment Loadouts

With the Free Fire loadout feature, players are able to pack up special items before taking part in the battle. These items will help them which gives them specific advantages in-game, are stored in the inventory and can only be used with some conditions.

In a match, you can pick up a maximum 2 equipment and these items are limited if you do not activate the unlimited play card.

Free Fire Equipment Loadouts full list

At the moment, there are 8 different loadouts that are available in-game. Check out the full list and details functions of these items.


This item will help you gain some extra HP. To use Bonfire, players should add it to their inventory before landing and wait for the notice “Bonfire can now be used”, set the fire next to them to gain more health. Please note that you can use it one time during the entire match.


Summon Airdrop

Just like its name, Summon Airdrop is a special tool that calls the airdrop from the sky. To use it, players can throw the smoke flare on the ground and wait (from a far distance) for the box to fall down.


Bounty Token

By killing the first enemy in the game, the player can earn a bounty by using this feature. You will see the bounty icon next to the body of your rival. Come and take it!


Resupply Map

To players who select a Resupply Map in advance of the match, they will be able to obtain some weapons and gear by finding the resupply points on the map. All of the loots will be packed in a glowing chest.


Armor Crate

This feature gives players a random armor right when they get on the plan. You will automatically receive one vest or damaged vest at a random level.


Supply Crate

The supply crate works like an armor crate but what you receive is either a Med Kit or ammo at random levels.


Leg Pockets

This item which players put on their leg will add up 30 units to your inventory. It will last from the beginning until the end of the game.



With the support of Scan, you can detect nearly parachuting enemies as a red triangle on the scan radius.


How to get Free Fire Equipment Loadout

There are several ways to obtain loadouts in Free Fire. The most common one is by purchasing them from the online store. However, you can easily get some of them for free from time-limited in-game events. By completing missions, taking part in special royale, or lucky spin events, players can claim many rewards including equipment loadouts. In addition to that, these items are also included in rank up and level up reward packages.