For newer games or those under development, there is a burning question of how to capture the audience’s attention. They have to compete with institutional titles that have been building a solid ground in the community. The same thing applies to the Battle Royale scene as we know today. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, can be considered the name that brought the genre to the mass. Being a late-comer, Garena Free Fire has to bring its own personality or else will be lost in an ocean of similar creations. Today, we talk about one of the game’s unique features, the Free Fire characters unlock to be more specific.  

Free Fire Characters
As you may already know, the character system in Free Fire is super unique

Free Fire now owns a gigantic collection of over 30 playable characters with Luqueta being the latest to join the fold. Each of them has a special ability that players can revolve around to completely turn the tide of the game. Unfortunately, they do come with a hefty cost. While some are free for you to grab, the majority of Free Fire characters unlock after you actually purchase them from the store. Either by coins or Diamonds, these powerhouses will take a toll on your time and budget. Is there an alternative way to get Free Fire all characters unlock for free? Let’s find out together. 

1. Free Fire Characters Unlock Hack 

Actually, calling this a Free Fire characters unlock hack is an overstatement. It’s more like something you can do with Free Fire MOD APK. Yes, the same modified version of the game that gives you unlimited Diamonds and Coins also has all the characters unlocked. This method sounds too good to be true. Players get access to all the features that are so expensive that barely a handful can own in the official game. You have cosmetics, skins, and Free Fire unlock characters free along with various other advantages.  Here are the features that the MOD will bring:

Free Fire Mod Apk Diamonds
Though it seems appealing, these MODs rarely work
  • Unlimited resources including Diamonds and Gold Coins
  • Unlock all the exclusive bundles, weapon skins, and outfits. Basically you have the in-game store for yourself
  • Free Fire unlock characters free. All the playable personalities are at your disposal, even the new addition like Luqueta 
  • Get the Elite Pass at no cost
  • Access to wallhack, auto-aim, and no recoil gameplay 

Why We Advise Against the Free Fire MOD APK

Though the Free Fire characters unlock hack and the perks that come with the MOD sound appealing, we do not recommend players using it. For the record, the Free Fire MOD APK is a modified version of the game client. You may see the currencies and all the things when logging in to the game, yet they won’t last. Free Fire data is stored on the official server, not the client. Hence, all the things you acquire from the MOD won’t be on the live servers. 

Garena Free Fire Ios Artwork Crimson
Stay away from MODs if you don't want any trouble

On top of that, by downloading and using the MOD APK, you’re severely violating Free Fire’s terms of services. You will be subjected to severe punishment from the developers Garena - with the highest being a permanent ban. So do think twice before you hit that download button and consider the possible outcome carefully. Free Fire scans and detects cheating regularly; therefore, it’s useless to mess around with the system. 

2. Free Fire Characters Unlock for Free without Hacking

It’s possible to unlock several characters for free, but not all of them. Plus, the chance is really slim since you can only take advantage of this feature during certain events like a big update or an event. For example, Garena releases new character Luqueta with the OB23 Update. He will be available in the store for 499 Diamonds but can also be acquired from the top-up event and the Character Royale for the first few weeks. Joseph is another personality offered as a top-up reward. 

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event
The share duration has ended

Though it may not be stable or sufficient, this is a great way to get characters without the help of any Free Fire all characters unlock app. Judging on the fact that you’re likely to top-up Diamonds for an event, getting a playable personality on the side is actually not a bad deal. Plus, it’s safe and legal. You’re free from the obligation for breaking the game’s policies. There’s an ongoing event to celebrate Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary that looks very promising. If their post of the Facebook Fanpage reaches 400,000 shares, Garena will unlock all the characters for free!

3. Free Fire Characters Unlock with Diamonds 

They say that “Money can’t buy happiness”, but money can surely unlock all the characters in Free Fire for you. This is the oldest trick in the book and by far the most reliable. If you want a legal Free Fire all characters unlock method, buying them with Diamonds is the way to go. Yes, it may take a hefty chunk out of your pocket, but it will save you from all the troubles that arise with the other two. 

Dj Alok Free Fire
DJ Alok is still a relevant choice in Free Fire

Apart from a handful that is up for gold purchase, the majority of Free Fire characters can be unlocked with Diamonds. The price tags vary from 199 to 599 Diamonds for the default bundle, with DJ Alok being the most expensive. It’s easy to see why since he owns such a powerful ability. On top of that, you remember to acquire Adam, Eve, and Andrew for free.  Here’s the price for Free Fire characters unlock:

  • 599 Diamonds: DJ Alok
  • 499 Diamonds: Kapella,  Steffie, Jota, Notora, Alvaro, Shani, A124, Laura, Rafael, Moco, Hayato, Caroline, Wukong, Paloma, Maxim, Kla, Miguel, Antonio, Misha
  • 199 Diamonds: Nikita, Kelly, Olivia, Ford
3rd Anni Free Fire
Celebrate Free Fire 3rd anniversary with style!

That’s everything you need to know about Free Fire characters unlock. Nothing can beat the classic “swinging your bucks” method. Please note that there’s no Free Fire all characters unlock app capable of pulling off the trick. If you don’t mind getting banned, take the risks to download the MOD APK for a little fun. Enjoy our article? Visit for more.