Free Fire OB30 is almost here, and as usual, the leakers and data miners have acquired almost the full content of the patch notes. In this article, we are going to list out all confirmed features of the upcoming OB30 patch.

1 - Custom Room Settings

Players can now modify their Custom rooms even further in Free Fire OB30. They can now create rooms with different modes, including hardcore. Furthermore, Custom rooms creations form will have most of their details pre-filled, cutting down the time that players need to work on them.

New Custom room settings
New Custom room settings in Free Fire

2 - Remastered Guild

The Guild layout in Free Fire will be remastered with new settings. Players can now view avatars, member lists, badges... and more.

3 - New Replay Feature

By activating the feature in the game settings, players would get the option to save the replay of their game at the end of the match. Afterward, they can rewatch it at any time.

Replay system in Free Fire
The Replay system in Free Fire is one of the most wanted features ever.

4 - Separate Mobile And Emulator

Phone users and emulator users will be divided into two different matchmaking pools. Emulators are better than phones in playing Free Fire, so there will be a separate matchmaking pool for emulator players to ensure that Free Fire phone users can enjoy the game without any disadvantages.

5 - Team Chat

Team chat now appears in Lobby - players don't need to open the chat to follow the conversations.

6 - Buying Skills Without Characters

This is a huge change that allows players to acquire the skill they need without wasting diamonds on the character themselves. It is rumored that Jai was removed because of the addition of this feature.

Buy skills
Players can now buy the skills they want separately without having to waste diamonds buying the characters.

7 - Vending Machine Only Available In Airdrop

The revive feature is unbalanced, and because of that, Vending machines no longer spawn on the map anymore. They are now an airdrop feature and no longer have a fixed position on the map. The vending machine drops now have the signature purple glow, opposite to normal drop's golden.

8 - Stack Item Drop

In the next Free Fire OB30 update, players will be able to choose the number of items they want to remove from the backpack instead of having to drop everything.

Drop certain amount of item
Drop a certain amount of items instead of the whole stack.

9 - New Armor & Helmet attachments

7 new attachments are added to the map's drop list and players can equip one of them to their armor and helmet. They are Vest HP booster, Vest Hardener, Vest Thickener, Vest Enlarger, Vest Pocket, Helmet Hardener and Helmet Thickener.

10 - New Pet Mania Game Mode

In this mode, players will play various minigames in the form of their chosen pet. The minigames are pretty much carbon copies of the games in Fall Guys.

Pet mania
The pet mania mode is going to be one of the weirdest modes ever released in Free Fire.

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