Being introduced to India, Bangladesh, and Nepal Free Fire gaming community for the first time in July 2020, Free Fire Regional Battle is an interesting event that gives players a chance to not only compete with others from different countries but also win valuable prizes. This October, Free Fire Regional Battle has come back to India. It’s time to stand up for the pride of your country and show off how good Indian players are. But in case you haven’t been cleared about how to attend the event and what kind of rewards you are able to win, check out the details intrusion as following:

free fire regional battle season 3
Free Fire Regional Battle season 3 will be available in-game starting from October 14 to November 14.

Free Fire Regional Battle: How to join

To attend the Free Fire Regional Battle season 3, players only need to open the app and tap on the event to enter the Regional Battle page.
Choose your location (India, Bangladesh or Nepal). Please be careful when choosing your location as you cannot make changes later.
You can choose to play the Battle Royale mode or Clash Squad mode and win points based on your performance in matches. Here are the details of earn points:

  • One kill : 10 points
  • Booyah: 150 points
  • 2nd place: 100 points
  • 3rd place: 50 points

Check out the details of Free Fire Regional Battle season 3 event details as below:

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You can choose to play in Battle Royale mode or Clash Squad mode base on your preference

Free Fire Regional Battle season 3 rewards

There will be several types of rewards for players who attend the event including Individual rewards, Global rewards and Milestones rewards. Apart from the Individual rewards which are given to top players, there are also Global rewards for every player of the winning team. It means that if a country wins the event, every player who played for it will receive rewards.

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A sneak peek of milestones rewards in the season 3 of regional battle. Players even have a chance to win the limited Gloo Wall Spirit for reaching 20,000 points

While the list of full rewards for season 3 has yet to be unveiled, players will also have a chance to win the tiger suit for being the top 1% players who have the highest scores. In case you missed this limited suit in the last two seasons, it’s time to rise and shine for the pride of you and your country!

The Free Fire Regional Battle season 3 is now available in-game from October 14th and will end on November 14th. Keep up with for more details about the rewards list!

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