War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is the latest mobile MMORPG from JoyCity that has a good deal of history and lore going on. If you’re totally into non-English RPG scenes, it’s probably worth it to dig further into it. The series began around 25-30 years ago: in the 90s. Its gameplay is quite similar to that of the Suikoden game series. It is considered the Korean version of Final Fantasy. To understand the early entries of The Genesis War universe, check out this video below: (Korean text alert, though).

To the best of our knowledge, these kinds of games never came to the North American region nor got translated into English, ever. However, fast forward 25 years later into our time now, we’re having a brand-new remake of War of Genesis. Additionally, it’s a nice little MMORPG that is playable anytime, anywhere as long as you have your phone on you. Time has flown and now we’ve got ourselves the new game’s trailer. It’s pretty crazy to watch both videos in such a short time and experience the massive changes from the latest one, which has just arrived at the App Store:

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria Global Launch Trailer

Collect heroes and build your army

In this chapter: Battle of Antaria, you’ll get to collect heroes of all kinds, each with different strengths & abilities. At the same time, players will be building a Machina army. In case you’re wondering, they are basically giant robots that can be summoned into battles to give you a slight advantage to beat your opponents. Also, there’s an extraordinary airship in a steampunk style that you’ll be in. This aircraft would be your main command center, putting things together. To own in the game, you have to make a unique strategy that involves customizing, mixing and matching heroes, Machina as well as airships.

Join a guild and assert dominance

The MMORPG brings about various social hooks. If you want, you can join a guild and from there, build a huge guild base and broaden your territory. However, some are expecting to expand their reign just as much as you do, so you will have to compete against them. In addition, there are plenty of things to do with your guild. Joining a guild makes you a shareholder! Therefore, make your investments, collect resources, and help your guild dominate. You can trade many items and social stuff in here, as they are pretty much the basics we can expect from games of this genre.

Create and discover new stories

However, the most surprising feature of Battle of Antaria is the custom story mode. This specific mode lets players create their unique adventures in the game. Yes! You can create your custom campaign and share it later on so your friends and the public can experience it. Joycity even features the best content created by players every month. Therefore, in case you’re not so much into creating new content but really into playing player-made content, there is so much to do here.

All in all, it’s worth a try to check out The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re into mobile MMORPG or simply into the history behind the series, or maybe you’re just into the gifs within this article. What is amazing here is that games like this are getting better and better quality over time, not to mention the great graphics they possess. There are so many pros in War of Genesis, so why not give it a try? Keep yourself updated by visiting the official Facebook site here.