The rank platinum 4 in Free Fire is not the highest rank. But you need to spend a lot of effort to reach it soon before trying to level up and reach the Grandmaster tier. Check out the best tactics to push rank successfully and rewards for the best players.

How To Reach Platinum 4 In Free Fire?

You need to earn 2,413 points to reach Platinum 4 in Free Fire OB29. Then, when you get 2,601 points, you will reach Diamond 1. If you start from the lowest rank in this game, you have to get a lot of Booyah to reach Platinum 4 in Free Fire. Here are some tips to reach this tier soon.

Free Fire Battle Royale Rank
You need to earn 2,413 rank points to reach Platinum 4.

#1. Focus On The Early Stages

The early stage is a very important step to earn rank points in this battle royale game. It's the easiest stage when you will counters only bots and noob players. Therefore, you can earn a lot of rank points and killing points to reach the Gold tier from Bronze Tier. Then, you will have a firm foundation to continue to rank up and reach Platinum 4.

Focus On Early Stage
Concentrate on pushing rank in the early stages of the ranked matches.

You should spend around one week to level up from Bronze to Gold and another week to reach Platinum 4 when your skills are improved. Dividing the progress into different stages help you draw proper plan and strategy to get the best result.

#2. Play In Squad Mode

The rule to rank up fast in battle royale games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is concentrating on a game mode. Although the solo mode is very interesting, you should play squad mode. This game mode lets you be revived when you get knocked. In Solo mode, you will die right away and lose a lot of rank points when you die early.

Play Duo Or Squad Modes
You should play in the duo or squad mode.

#3. Don't Play With Strangers

It's fortunate if you meet great teammates when matching with strangers. But if you meet foreigners or toxic players, it will be a bad day. To guarantee that you can play with true teammates who will support and co-operate with you during the match. They will help you when you need them and contribute damage to kill enemies. Then, you will have more opportunities to get Booyah and collect more rank points.

Free Fire Ranked Match
Don't match with strangers if your friends are online.

#4. Pick Up Airdrop And High-Tier Supplies

Looting good supplies is an important element in a survival battle royale game like Free Fire. Therefore, the better the supplies you loot, the more survival points you get. It's a reward for survivors on the battleground. The best supplies in Free Fire are placed inside the airdrop. Therefore, you should loot high-standard and rare supplies.

Loot Airdrop
Looting good supplies is an important element in a survival battle royale game.

#5. Focus On Surviving And Get Into Top 10

The winner will get the highest survival points. The players who are eliminated soon are granted no points. Moreover, players with bad performance and short survival time can lose a significant amount of rank points. It makes you waste more time gathering rank points to level up.

Get Booyah
The winner will get the highest survival points, so you should try to get Booyah.

If you cannot reach the tier Platinum 4 before the season ends, your rank will be decreased at the beginning of the next season due to the rank reset mechanism. If you want to have a higher starting point in the following season, you must try to reach the highest rank in the current season.

#6. Ask Friends For Help

If you want to push rank quickly, ask your friends for help. You can team up with pro players and ask them to support you. For example, you can ask friends to leave bot players and noob players for you to kill and earn killing points.

Ask Friends For Help
Ask friends for help to push rank.

Besides, pro players may help you surround enemies and cause some damage to make them weak before you finish the targets. When you are knocked, chased, or surrounded, they can help you survive. Friends in need are friends indeed. Just ask them to help you. Pro players are usually willing to help their friends to play better.

What Comes After Platinum 4 In Free Fire?

After the rank Platinum 4 in Free Fire, you reach the Diamond tier. It's the rank that pro players have to reach in this game. The Diamond 1 tier also marks a big improvement in your gameplay and performance. Only players with true ability and skills can reach the Diamond tier in Garena Free Fire. It will be a huge motivation for you to play better in the following seasons.

Rank In Free Fire
After tier Platinum 4, you reach the Diamond tier in Free Fire.

Rewards For Platinum 4 In Free Fire

Players who reached the tier Platinum 4 in the current season will be granted 2500 Gold Coins at the beginning of the next season. If you reach higher tiers, you will get more Gold Coins. For example, the Diamond-tier winners get 3000 gold coins and Heroic players in Free Fire will earn 5000 Gold Coins and a Heroic Avatar for this season.

Tier Rewards
Players who reached tier Platinum 4 will be granted 2500 Gold Coins.

You surely need to invest time and effort to earn these attractive rewards. You get what you paid for. Lazy players won't achieve anything if they don't spend time and attempt to improve their gameplay and skills in this intense shooting game.

Free Fire Rank Rewards
You had better invest time and effort to push ranks and earn these attractive rewards.

Those are all must-know tactics to reach the tier Platinum 4 in Free Fire, as well as rewards for Platinum players. Let's start to push rank right now.

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