PUBG Mobile Lite is a hyper-optimized version of PUBG Mobile that can work with pretty much every low tier device in the market currently. If you are playing PUBG Mobile Lite on your device and still have a frame rate problem - it might be your internet connection's fault instead of your phone. In this article, we would list out all the methods to fix PUBG Lite Ping Problem.

1 - What is Ping in Online gaming?

The definition of ping is pretty simple - it is the time for a packet of data from your side to reach the server and get a response back. This is super important in online games, and for shooters like PUBG Mobile Lite, it even plays a bigger role in the game's performance. You can check the ping on the left corner of the PUBG screen.

PUBG Lite Ping Problem
PUBG Lite Ping Problem

2 - What is the optimal ping range in PUBG

If you want to have a good experience gaming in PUBG Mobile Lite, getting a decent internet connection is the first thing you must do. The lower the ping, the better you would be at the game, as you would be able to see and react to your opponents a split second faster.

  • 20-40ms: Great
  • 50-70ms: Good
  • 80-120ms: Average
  • 130-160ms: Playable
  • 160 -200ms: Lag
  • 200-250ms: Very Lag
  • 250-300+ ms: Unplayable

160 is the breakpoint here - if your ping dip higher than 160, you would get so much lag it is pretty much unplayable. The "ms" after the number stands for milliseconds - the amount of time it takes for your data to contact the server - and it is also the lag time you are encountering in the game.

3 - Advantages of a good connection in PUBG Mobile Lite

Overall, there is no disadvantage of having low ping. You would be able to see and reach faster than your enemy - and your bullet might get registered to the server first. This is actually a big advantage in 1vs1 shootouts - as if your enemy is dead before you, their already shot bullets would deal no damage.

pubg lite high ping fix
PUBG lite high ping fix

If you have higher ping than your enemies - well, you would experience your shots not connecting.

4 - What affect Ping in PUBG Mobile Lite?

If you are playing on mobile data, these below factors might be affecting your internet connection, due to their activities consuming the bandwidth.

  • Network Strength
  • RAM
  • Distance to server
  • Background Apps
  • Processor
  • Mobile Gaming Booster Apps
  • Auto Sync or Auto Update of Mobile.
  • Internet Source (WiFi/Mobile/Ethernet)
  • Devices connected in Network
  • WhatsApp (auto-download function)
pubg lite ping fix
PUBG lite ping fix

Your internet speed and connection to PUBG Mobile Lite might be improved after you deal with these problems

5 - How to get better ping in PUBG Mobile Lite?

These are the four most common solution to fix PUBG Mobile Lite High Ping. However, before following these, you must check your internet speed first. Currently, the best speed checking tools are and Google Speed Test. Browse for the location of PUBG Mobile's nearest server and ping it. If the ping is similar to what you got in-game, the problem might be your internet connection. Otherwise, it would be your device's fault.

pubg lite ping fix
PUBG lite ping fix

Use a gaming private network

If you are playing on an emulator, getting a GPN like WTFAST would not be a bad choice. It would find the most efficient route to the server for the lowest ping

Turn off any data consuming apps on your phone

Other apps might be consuming your bandwidth and prevent the game from connecting - turn off everything prior to playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Lite Ping Problem
PUBG Lite Ping Problem

Upgrade your wifi router to 5 GHz

The 5 GHz router is much faster than the 2.5 one - it is pretty obvious. Getting a new router might fix your problem.

Connect to the nearest server

The closer the server is, the better - try to connect to the closest server to your location. Play at late hour while no one is using your connection might help as well.

6 - PUBG Lite Ping Problem: Conclusion

Overall, having a good internet package is still the most important aspect of getting a good ping. If you have tested all the methods above and your ping is still high, maybe it is time to upgrade the tier for your internet package or switch to another internet provider. It cost money, yes, but sometimes you just have to pay for something.

pubg mobile lite ping problem
PUBG mobile lite ping problem: you can also try playing the game using an emulator

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