PUBG Mobile crashing on Android might be one of the most disturbing problems for many PUBG Mobile players. In fact, many players experienced PUBG Mobile crashing on launch and PUBG Mobile crashing mid-game but have no idea what is the real reason or how to fix it. It’s really insane especially when you’re about to finish off your last enemy.

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PUBG Mobile crashing on Android is a usual problem to many low-end device player

In fact, PUBG Mobile developer has noticed the common issue relating to PUBG Mobile crashing on Android and released several updated versions to fix it. However, many users especially those with an entry-level smartphone, still get their PUBG Mobile crashing after updates. In fact, the issue is mostly because the game files are unoptimized that heat up your low-end CPU which makes apps slower, lag, or crash. In fact, an overheated CPU is a big problem as it not only causes your app to crash but might cause sudden death to your phone.

Although the crashing problem is many due to the app, there is some tricks to avoid and minimize the problem. In case you’re experiencing PUBG Mobile crashing on Android due to unoptimized game files and overheated CPU, there are two methods to ease the problem: cool down your phone and clear the cage and data of the app.

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CPU being overheated is one of the major problems which cause the app crushing

How to fix PUBG Mobile crashing:

To prevent your low-end device from being overheated and overloaded, try to cool it down by putting a fan, literally. Make sure the surrounding temperature is low. You should not play the game while charging as your phone processor will be heated up.

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Clearing cache and data will boost up your app

In addition to that, make sure that your CPU is not overloaded white opening PUBG Mobile. Stop other apps from running while playing the game, especially underground apps. Meanwhile, you should also clear the cage and data of the game before playing for a smooth run by following some easy steps below:

  • Open the settings section of your phone
  • Tap on the app folder to find all apps you have on your smartphone
  • Tap on the PUBG Mobile section, choose Clear Cache, and Delete Data one by one.

Apart from following the above steps, you can also stop PUBG Mobile crashing on Android by installing an addiitonal app GFX Tool to adjust the graphics settings and make your app runs smoother. Check out full instruction here: PUBG GFX Tool Pro APK Download - How To Use PUBG GFX Tool Pro To Make PUBG Mobile Run Smoother

Detailed instructions with video:

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