Just recently, PUBG Mobile dropped a video on Youtube to announce their upcoming collaboration with Metro Exodus. You can check out the video below.

For people who don't know about this title, Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic FPS title where you take on battles against mutation monsters. Metro Exodus was developed by 4A Games and was released on Steam last year. The game has an overall Very Positive review from players and many praises for its thrilling storyline and gameplay.

We will get to see monsters from metro Exodus in PUBG Mobile

According to leaks, this collaboration is going to bring the Zombie mode back to PUBG Mobile, which is the favorite mode of many PUBG Mobile players. TI is likely that will get to see many iconic monsters from Metro Exodus in PUBG Mobile when the mode comes out.

Many Youtubers have even found out about zombies in the cheer park in the Beta version of PUBG Mobile. These zombies are yellow with the shape that resembles the shape of the Lickers in a previous zombie mode in PUBG Mobile.

Zombies In Cheer Park Pubg Mobile X Metro Exodus I
Youtubers find out about yellow zombie in the cheer park that resembles the Licker

Last year, PUBG Mobile made a with Resident Evil 2 to release the Survive Till Dawn mode and the Infection mode. In the Survival Till Dawn mode, players play on Erangel like usual in the day but they will have to fight endless hoards of zombie in the night. Meanwhile, in the Infection mode, players will be split into 2 sides Zombies and Defender in a small map and fight until one side is all terminated.

More information about this collaboration of PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus will be revealed in the future. We will update you with the latest information as soon as possible.

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